The Salesforce Ecosystem in the United Kingdom (UK)

An Overview of the Salesforce Economy in the UK

In western Europe, cloud-related technologies would account for 39% of digital transformation IT spending by 2026. Eighteen years ago, British businesses had no idea what Salesforce was but fast forward to today; the CRM platform is now the leading choice in the UK. In one survey released by IDC, 95% of the companies who have had digital transformation voted that cloud technologies are fundamental to their business success.

The survey also reported that Salesforce had enabled 44% of the companies to expand their workforce to suburban and rural locations and 22% in new population groups providing opportunities for stay-at-home parents and people with disabilities.

Impact of Salesforce on Job Opportunities

IDC released a report that the Salesforce economy will generate over $52 billion net businesses revenues in the UK by 2026. This will also open 271,000 job opportunities.

As a result of Salesforce’s efforts to innovate and create economic development, the Salesforce Partner ecosystem is expected to grow five times bigger than the Salesforce company itself. IDC also states in their report that a Salesforce partner network will earn £4.59 for every £1 the Salesforce company makes in the UK by 2026.

How big is the Salesforce market in the UK?

13.9% of the total Salesforce users are located in the United Kingdom. That is also the second-largest distribution after the United States, which sits at 47%.

When it comes to industry-specific, retail companies are still the heavy users of Salesforce at 60.2%. Consumer Packaged Goods follow this at 24.1% and Manufacturing at 7.8%.

Environmental Impact of Salesforce Implementation

In related research from IDC, the CO2 emissions savings from cloud-computing technologies globally will reduce as much as one billion metric tons from 2021-2024.

Salesforce announced earlier during the Dreamforce 2021 event that its goal is to pursue 100% renewable energy for its global operations by 2022. IDC also found that 33% of Salesforce users in the UK are looking for a Salesforce Partner to help them reach their own sustainability goals.

Top Reasons why Britain companies prefer Salesforce over other CRMs

1. the UK becomes the biggest Salesforce market in Europe

In the next five years, Salesforce plans to invest over $2.5 billion to encourage Salesforce implementation in the UK. The company plans to expand by increasing employee count, office space, and data center capabilities to support a wide range of industries.

2. Salesforce is the #1 CRM and Customer Experience provider in the UK

According to Gartner Inc., Salesforce is the leading CRM platform with the highest software revenue. Currently, it experiences rapid growth as 3,418 UK businesses use Salesforce. Salesforce CEO Marc Benioff shared that the investments that they have placed enable the company to empower excellent opportunities for Salesforce implementation, the partners, and the Salesforce customers in the UK market.

3. Salesforce is the fastest growing software vendor in the UK

According to Gartner Inc., Salesforce is the fastest-growing software vendor in the region. Salesforce is also a reliable partner for leading companies, such as British Airways, Funding Circle, Aston Martin, Rated People, Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA), and Addison Lee. They use the CRM platform to create digital innovations and connect with their customers in a whole new way.

Success Stories of Salesforce Implementation in the UK

Addison Lee

It’s the world’s second-largest group of transportation companies. They provide business and personal travelers with premium transportation.

Business Challenge
The group needs to take an end-to-end approach to market, sales, and customer service and create a customer-centric culture.

Salesforce Implementation Result
By putting the customer experience first, the group has become the new industry disruptor that provides premium experiences and services. Every month, they pick up around 100,000 passengers and around 10 million in London alone.

Edwardian Hotels London

It’s the largest hospital group that has operated for more than 40 years. They own different luxury and five-star hotel chains in Manchester, London, and more.

Business Challenge
The group expects to bounce back revenues from 6% to 20% in bookings and close a revenue gap of £30 million between the group and its competitors. To do that, they need to be more innovative in providing customized experiences.

Salesforce Implementation Result
With Salesforce, the group used the data they collected from a single platform to spot trends, trigger tasks, make bookings, and create business ideas. With Mulesoft, they can even refresh 10,000 records every 10 minutes and view the availability of every room for a 12 months duration.

Top High Rating Salesforce Partners in the United Kingdom (UK)

There are over 1,932 Salesforce Partners globally, and 242 of them are in the UK. We’ve listed down a list of Salesforce Partners with a high rating of 5 in Salesforce Appexchange that provides Salesforce Consulting Services in London and other cities:

  1. Comnexa Limited
  2. Smplicity
  3. Waeg
  4. Manras Technologies
  5. Infosys
  6. Rolustech
  7. United Consult Hungary
  8. Devs United


Salesforce CRM is the most popular choice in the UK so businesses of all sizes should take note of this when planning for their digital transformations.

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