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Best Salesforce Customer Onboarding Apps

Customer experience is king. Today’s brands need to make sure they engage with their customers every step of their journey, especially welcoming them. The days where transactional relationships with customers are long gone because they will expect more value from your brand. One crucial factor is onboarding customers to your brand in a more engaging way so using Salesforce Customer Onboarding Apps can be game changers to your business.

All Customer Onboarding Apps & Tools

Help Sales start a conversation with customers. iDialogue provides all the digital tools necessary to present highly personalized quotes to customers. iDialogue solutions, accelerators, and extension packages dramatically reduce integration costs by pre-integrating best of breed services into turn-key solutions.

Price: Starts at $ 20 per user per month S-Docs is 100% native, so it runs seamlessly within your salesforce platform. It acts as an extension of the Salesforce user interface. Featuring advanced tools such as 1-click automation, conditional logic, reusable components, SOQL support, run-time prompts, and full REST APIs, S-Docs gives you the most functions that you need.

Price: Starts at $ 49 per user per month Cloud Coach is the category leader for native Customer Onboarding & Project Management solutions on Salesforce. This app can keep your customers in the loop with up-to-date project information 24/7. This also acts as a project management platform so you can assign team members to collaborate and work on tasks, including tracking time on project tasks and your favorite Salesforce records.

Price: Starts at $ 25 per user per month TaskRay enables onboarding customers faster & more efficiently with its built-in best practices, powerful insights, and templates to help guide your onboarding projects. It is an app built-in in Salesforce App Cloud that enables seamless customer onboarding right in your Salesforce Sales Cloud.

Buyer’s Guide
What is Customer Onboarding?

Customer onboarding is the first stage of a customer’s journey once they’ve decided to start using your product or service. The customer onboarding experience should be a positive one because this will define your customer’s relationship with your brand.

What is a Salesforce Customer Onboarding App?

A Customer Onboarding App integrated into your Salesforce enables you to automatically onboard your customers. It allows you to introduce more product features, train new users, and help them with other queries, which can have a good lasting impression from your end and better customer experiences. You can have templates to choose from, automate processes and notifications, and analyze customer behavior and feedback. This can cover automation from email support, in-app support, and self-service support.

Advantages of a Customer Onboarding App

The Salesforce customer onboarding app helps drive more revenue and ultimately lower your costs in three different ways:

1. Increase user adoption and retention rates

Customer onboarding apps allow you to educate customers on using your product or app and get more value. This also helps in increasing their product usage.

According to Wyzowl, 8 out of 10 people stated that they had deleted an app because they didn’t know how to use it. Investing in a Customer Onboarding app gives your customers the information and training they need to become more proficient users.

2. Lower costs in customer support

Customer Onboarding Apps can provide self-service tools such as videos, walkthroughs, and tips to understand your product better. These tools are accessible 24/7.

3. Higher upsells and cross-sells

Customer onboarding apps can give you insights about which features your customers are using and which they are most likely to be interested in based on their activity. This will make it easier for you to recommend promos or related products to your customers and analyze how to improve your products.

How do Customer Onboarding Apps work for Salesforce?

You can do it seamlessly from planning to scheduling once you integrate the Customer Onboarding App with your Salesforce platform. You will have complete visibility over the most critical information, enabling you to manage your team and customers.

You can customize the Onboarding processes based on your company needs, and you will also have access to short reports that help you analyze the success rate of your onboarding procedures.

Different Types of Salesforce Customer Onboarding Apps

Self-Support Customer Onboarding

You can create an information hub where your customers can access informative videos, tutorials, announcements, and help articles. This gives your customers the ability to resolve their problems or get to know the product on their own.

Email Customer Onboarding

Send welcome emails to your new customers once they subscribe to your product or service. Brands usually send out onboarding emails to guide their customers about how to use products effectively.

In-app Customer Onboarding

You can also do onboarding inside your app if you are offering one. Customers can access step-by-step guides and tutorials on how to use your app.

Salesforce Customer Onboarding App Features that you need

Branded Customer Onboarding

Use your branding for your onboarding materials, such as your brand colors, don’t, and style.

Target Audience Segmentation

You can segment your users into different audience types. Usually, you can categorize them based on their plan tier, customer stage, and persona.

Premade Templates

You can choose from different ready-made templates and customize them however you want.

Automated Processes

From project creation to implementation, customer onboarding apps give you the flexibility to automate and customize the processes however your company needs.

Salesforce Customer Onboarding Apps Pricing

On average, Salesforce Customer Onboarding Apps are priced around $ 20 to $ 50 per user and per month in the Salesforce AppExchange. You can find free apps also.

Customer Onboarding Trends

Customer onboarding is becoming increasingly popular. Anyways, you can rise above the competition, retain customers, and ultimately turn them into advocates. Here’s what you can look forward into the future of Customer Onboarding Apps

Video-based Onboarding

Did you know that adding videos to your customer onboarding tools can skyrocket the completion rate to 92%? Users are more likely to feel more engaged when an instruction video welcomes them and sets them up for success.

Interactive Email Onboarding

Make your welcome emails stand out more. Add instructional videos and show the value of becoming loyal customers.

Webinar Onboarding

Webinar attendance is still going strong, with an attendance rate of 42%. It could be a good way for you to engage with customers as they have the chance to ask questions and communicate with your brand.