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Document generation is the process of automating Documents in salesforce from different sources to generate a PDF or HTML document based on different templates.

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Price: Starts at USD 20 per user per month Create, track, and manage different types of documents automatically. Conga can automate tedious business processes and provides actionable insights, so you can focus on driving revenue.

Price: Starts at USD 14 per user per month Create your documents, doc gen, and more in Salesforce so you can increase your business efficiency with Docomotion that allows you to generate any document in PDF, Word, e-mail, or HTML5 form.

Since S-Docs is 100% native, it runs seamlessly within salesforce and acts like a natural extension of salesforce's familiar user interface. Being 100% native also means your sensitive customer data never leaves the salesforce cloud.

Price: Starts at USD 92 per company per month Automate document generation with Formstack from start to finish so your sales team can quickly generate contracts and proposals. You can even merge your Salesforce data into documents and speed up your time to close by, never copying and pasting data or contact information again!

Buyer’s Guide
What is a Salesforce Document Generation App?

A Salesforce document generation app enables you to produce rich format documents by using the data available from your salesforce to create PDF or HTML documents based on specific templates.

You can use document generation for multiple purposes, from creating quotations, complex reports to setting your team’s daily schedule. It provides you with ease of access so you can constantly update your documents, merge data, eliminate manual errors, and produce fast-speed professional documents.

Advantages of a Salesforce Document Generation App

Document generation apps are used to automate essential documents from contracts, proposals, and other business offers. It allows you to access different templates that you can customize based on your branding, eliminate human error, achieve business objectives faster, and improve consistency and compliance.

Here are ways how document automation in Salesforce can help your business:

Generate offer templates

You can create an offer to your customers with relevant attachments using the opportunity view in Salesforce.

Generate templates for inquiry-specific responses

You can customize responses based on different inquiries by generating a response document in the case view in Salesforce.

Generate account plan presentations

You can effortlessly generate presentations such as account plans to sales meetings from your account view in Salesforce.

Generate audit reports

You can generate audit reports within seconds for a customer from your custom view in Salesforce.

Generate audit reports

You can generate audit reports within seconds for a customer from your custom view in Salesforce.

How does Document Generation App work for Salesforce?

Setting up document generation ups in your salesforce is very simple. Start by choosing a sample template and customize it based on your brand guidelines. You can easily include necessary attachments or content blocks to personalize it further. Once done, the document generation is just a click away from your Salesforce users.

Salesforce Document Generation App Features that you need

Easy-to-use Editor

Make document adjustments with just a few clicks. A good editor will allow you to drag and drop dynamic Salesforce fields into your templates.

Document automation

Implement sophisticated workflows to automate activities.

Multiple File Format Options

‍You can edit different document types

(Word, Google Docs, Pages, PDFs) and have multiple customizing options for uploading, form filing, and file sharing.

Personalized Delivery Options

Create custom interactions based on different types of customers. This gives you the flexibility to select individual recipients for each document using conditional formatting.


Find an app that shares data over a secure connection with SSL and firewalls and doesn’t store the information you send for merging. The best security systems allow security levels on a per-document basis and require password protection.

Data Capture and Dynamic Content‍

Collect data and combine it with a document or online form. You can use different conditions to determine sections to be used in the merging.

Salesforce Document Generation Apps Pricing

On average, Salesforce Document Generation Apps are priced around $ 7 to $ 20 per user and per month in the Salesforce AppExchange. You can find free apps also.