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Best Salesforce Project Management Apps

When you’re working on a large project, to-do lists can fall short. There’s simply too much going on and too many people involved. Instead, you need to use dedicated project management software.

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TaskRay helps businesses onboard customers faster & more efficiently. By using TaskRay’s project templating & automation functions: High Tech, SaaS, Financial Services, Manufacturing & Franchising businesses can build scaling systems whether they have 100 customers or 10,000 customers.

Mission Control is an online project management software system, native to Salesforce. With a suite of first-class features, it equips businesses with all the tools and processes needed to deliver consistently efficient projects across the board.

Precursive is the leading people and project planning provider for forward thinking companies. The preferred solution for creative agencies, consultancies, media, technology and telecoms. Precursive is native to the Salesforce platform enabling customers to increase revenue and profitability.

Smartsheet is a Collaborative Work Management platform packed with powerful Project Management, Dashboards, Gantt chart, Card View, file sharing, and automatic notification and alerts. Get started with a 30 day free trial.

A Complete and Native Project Management App for Salesforce Inspire Planner is a powerful yet easy-to-use Salesforce project management app. Ideal for customer onboarding, PSA and projects of any shape & size.

Cross-industry, native, project and process management for Salesforce. Highly customizable, 100% native project management app. Track progress and status of Programs, Projects, Milestones, Tasks. Complete org access, unlimited users, for all Salesforce Editions – download it free!

In a world of mere managers be a resource hero. When work begins to pile up, you can make emotion-based decisions or use Resource Hero to see a birds-eye view of your teams’ workload into the future, dominate the pipeline of projects, and score big points with easy time tracking and forecasting.

A project management tool that lets you create and plan your projects and further break projects down into Milestones, Tasks and Sub Tasks along with analytics to see how much of the project has been completed by Project Team.

Buyer’s Guide
What is a Salesforce Project Management App?

Achieve multiple project objectives with Salesforce Project Management Apps, which are designed to help you track your project’s progress from conception up to completion. You can use these applications to manage different aspects of your project from tracking tasks, optimizing workload, and making resources easily available to everyone.

Advantages of a Salesforce Project Management App

Handling multiple projects at the same time is not an easy feat. You would need to balance your time to manage people, tasks, company goals, and time. Salesforce Project Management Apps can help you organize multiple projects so operations can become smoother. You will have the ability to manage your task lists in a more comprehensive approach. Here are some of the reasons why you should install one today:

Enables you to create, track, and update tasks instantly

Salesforce gives you a general view of your tasks through activity list view and calendar view. Your users will have access to a Chatter feed where they can view profiles, project updates, messages, and more.

Improves planning and task scheduling

Planning and a schedule can put you one step ahead of your project deliverables. With Project Management Apps, you can conveniently schedule your tasks and streamline everything that needs to be done.

Improve workflow efficiency

You will have a general view of the workload of everyone in your team, which enables you to effectively assign a task to those members who can complete the job faster and more productively.

Have a general view of every project

A good project management app will help you ensure that all of your projects are successfully progressing. It can help you optimize your decisions and make informed ones within the shortest time possible.

Different Types of Salesforce Project Management Apps

Project Management Apps help improve collaboration, transparency and give you complete visibility over processes, tasks, and overall workflow. Some apps are built to cater to a specific audience, and some are made for general use. These are the different types of project management apps that you will find in the market:

Task Management

Eliminate manual day-to-day processes from tracking progress, assigning tasks to generate reports. This type of app helps project managers do all the essential functions on visual dashboards. Tasks can have color codes, labels, automated notifications, and deadline reminders.

Project Collaboration

Perfect for teams who want a more efficient way to communicate to their members. This gives you advanced collaboration functions with essential task management solutions, team dashboards, file sharing, chat messaging, and voice/video calling.

Agile Project Management

They are designed for technical teams and software developers that follow agile frameworks. This includes task management, collaboration functions, kanban dashboards, and advanced reporting.

Project Portfolio Management

They offered advanced functionalities for growing small organizations from project lifecycle management, risk management, and resource management.

Salesforce Project Management App Features that you need

1. Resource Allocation

Find the one that gives you the ability to manage and oversee your resources to allocate tasks and workforce effectively. With a visual insight tool, you will utilize everyone from your organization and improve productivity.

2. GANTT Charts

Gantt Charts allow you to visualize all tasks in one project, timelines, dependencies, and more. Salesforce does not currently provide Gantt Charts for project managers, but you will find an app that does.

3. Time Tracking

Forecasting project timelines will be more manageable with time tracking features. Look for the ones that allow you to compare actual vs. estimated time.

4. Projects Templates

If you have projects that have repetitive processes, you can use a project template feature. It saves you time from constructing the same process over and over.

5. Team Collaboration Functions

Communication is essential to make sure every message comes across correctly to different people working on the project. Your app should have capabilities that allow you to collaborate with other team members and create a seamless file-sharing experience.

Salesforce Project Management App Pricing

On average, Salesforce Project Management Apps are priced around $ 10 to $ 30 per user and per month in the Salesforce AppExchange. You can find free apps also.

Project Management Trends

Hybrid Project Management

Project managers will see that some methodologies can be combined and can turn out to have more impact. Hybrid models can help you make right business decisions by working on different views and styles which makes way for more stability and efficiency. For instance, you can mix traditional project management with Agile methodologies.

Increasing Impact of Emotional Intelligence (EQ)

According to a survey performed by TeleSmart, 58% of the respondents stated that EQ is one of the strongest predictors of performance. When you are managing projects, you are also managing people. Proper understanding of their emotions and helping them improve their drive will lead to a higher success rate.