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What is CRM Consulting?

CRM Consulting is a marketplace that connects Salesforce owners with the right fit Salesforce partners providers for any expertises.

What is your background?

We have delivered hundreds of Salesforce projects from conception to implementation.

What is a “CRM Consulting Verified” agency?

A Verified agency is a specialized service provider with core expertise (Architecture, Release management, ...). Your project’s success is their top priority and they are a team of experts with a proven track record delivering results.

How much does it cost?

CRM Consulting is free for customers looking to hire a Salesfoce consultants. Salesforce consultants pay us a small subscription fee to be visible in our site.

Why do I need CRM Consulting to find me an agency for my project?

We offer you time and convenience. Researching Salesforce partners and getting in touch with them is not only time consuming, but it will also result in answering the same questions over and over again to receive proposals you can’t compare from companies you’re not sure you can trust.

What support does CRM Consulting provide?

We are always accessible via email and other channels. We usually respond in minutes and our main objective is to deliver results we’ve promised.