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Chat Bots are becoming big business in the world of B2B. It’s rare that you will visit a SaaS website where you won’t be promoted by a little widget in the bottom right-hand corner which lets you speak to a bot or real person.

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Price: Starts at USD 1,200 per Salesforce org per month Mindsay chatbot is the leading Conversational AI solution. With its intuitive platform, you make the customer experience more efficient. You can even build, deploy, and maintain the chatbot on your own. The virtual assistants are trained using more than 100,000 industry-specific conversation templates.

Price: Starts at USD 1,200 per Salesforce org per month This chatbot instantly alerts your sales reps when highly qualified prospects visit your website and gives them access to tools to engage within real-time conversations, including live chat and phone calls. You can set your own qualification rules that determine when the chatbot sends you information which is great because you can immediately connect your sales team to qualified leads.

Automation-first support for Salesforce Service Cloud. Give your customers a best-in-class experience of automation and agents. With Ada’s chatbot as the front line of support solving more than 80% of inquiries, your Salesforce agents are freed for high-value moments that drive revenue.

Olark lets you chat, live, with visitors to your website. See what page visitors are on and have a human conversation with them for sales, support, or customer development.



Enable secure real-time chat on your devices with Tok to optimize Chatter and facilitate team communication without leaving your Salesforce org.

Buyer’s Guide
What is a Chatbot?

Short for a chat robot, a chatbot is an AI-powered communication tool to replicate human conversation and responses. This technology works for both audio-based and text-based applications.

Chatbots have increasingly become popular and part of most business operations. You may have already encountered one from the most popular platform Facebook Messenger before reading this article.

You can customize the chatbot technology depending on your product offer and your type of industry. With chatbots, you can eliminate time spent answering repetitive questions, empower your customers to get the information they need right away and make your business responsive 24/7.

Advantages of a Chatbot

Today, chatbots have become indispensable technology tools. They boost productivity for your customer sales representatives and increase satisfaction for your customers. In a survey from Userlike, about 70% of customers answered that they liked getting instant answers from a chatbot rather than waiting for someone to attend to them. Here are more reasons why getting a chatbot is a win-win situation for everyone:

Reduce customer waiting time

Customers right now are looking for instant gratification. They don’t want to wait too long and are looking for immediate answers. With chatbots, people can get the information they need instead of waiting in line, whether via phone calls or other digital platforms.

Resolve support cases faster

Chatbots make it easier for your customers to get information on how to resolve specific issues on their own. With the help of this technology, fewer support cases are submitted for your customer support agents to decide.

Provide Quick Access to Information Hub

Chatbots are also efficient when it comes to directing customers to the resources they are seeking.

Get leads for your business

Chatbots can help in lead acquisition. It can ask a series of questions and gather relevant information for your sales representatives to follow up.

How does a Chatbot work for Salesforce?

The chatbots are apps developed to understand human language and respond intelligently through Natural-Language Processing (NLP). As technology advances, developers have created more intelligent techniques to enable chatbots to become more human and intuitive.

Today, chatbots can handle most customer queries, respond to FAQs, and perform straightforward tasks. While talking to real humans is still the best for some functions, having chatbots will ultimately save time for your customer support agents as they can focus on addressing the more complex issues.

Integrating a chatbot into your Salesforce platform is relatively easy because the latter’s platform is API first. You will need to authenticate the Salesforce Chatbot App in your Salesforce platform, pick the triggers and resulting actions you want, and select the data you send from the Salesforce Chatbot app.

Types of Salesforce Chatbot Apps

1.Menu/button-based chatbots

These are the most basic type of chatbots that can commonly find anywhere. It requires a user to interact with several selections in the form of buttons to get the answer they need.

2. Linguistic Based (Rule-Based Chatbots)

This type of chatbot can help your customers predict their questions. You can use conversational flows based on conditions and “if and then” logic.

3. Keyword recognition-based chatbots

This chatbot utilizes keywords and an AI application to provide an appropriate response to the customer.

4. Machine Learning chatbots

This type of chatbot has contextual awareness and is more advanced compared to the first three types. They make use of Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence to store and analyze conversations. It is smart enough to form self-improvements based on users’ needs and how they are asking it.

5. Hybrid model chatbots

It offers the best of both worlds and gives you the combination of rules-based chatbots and the complexity of AI bots.

6. Voice bots

Voice bots have been increasingly popular and have even made their way to eCommerce shopping. These chatbots make use of voice commands and can act as your virtual assistant. Customers find it much easier to speak rather than type.

Salesforce Chatbot App Features that you need

Real-time Chat Support

Enables you to include an embedded chat widget so your customer support team can communicate with customers in real-time

Proactive Chat Notifications

The chatbot can send notifications with links, product information, discount options, greeting messages to anyone who visits your website. These will prompt them to interact with the website.

Real-time Chat Monitoring

Enables supervisors to have a real-time view of chats made by their employees. This is perfect for training agents so they can first analyze and then suggest improvements more effectively.

Visitor Tracking

Find out more about your website visitors, such as their real-time behavior, contact information, and traffic source.

Chat Transcripts

Access and email chat history from any customer interactions. You can retrieve it easily by using phrases, agent names, times, and dates.

Salesforce Chatbot Apps Pricing

On average, Salesforce Chatbot Apps are priced around $ 1,000 to $ 2,999 per company and per month in the Salesforce AppExchange. You can find free apps also.

Chatbot Trends

Due to technological advancements and resource availability, consumers demand round-the-clock service from different industries and not just shopping. With the help of AI technology, chatbots are connecting the dots for your sales, marketing, and customer service teams and shape the way your audience searches, shops, and decides.

Salesforce Chatbot adoption continues to rise

According to Gartner, 70% of customer interactions will involve chatbot technologies by 2022. A significant amount of consumers stated that they prefer chatbots to other virtual agents.

Greg Bennet, the Director of Conversation Design in Salesforce, stated that they are looking at a more than a 700% increase in sessions with Salesforce Einstein bot products due to the pandemic effects.

Salesforce Chatbots will be used for internal company needs

Chatbots are not just for serving your customers; they can also act as a tool to help your internal processes become more efficient. A classic example would be customizing the chatbot to become an effective customer onboarding tool. It can also help address your internal team’s common problems so your IT team can focus on fixing more complex issues.

Salesforce Chatbots look at more advanced improvements

Greg Bennett has also pointed out that he has worked with different Salesforce teams to ensure that chatbots don’t discriminate vernacular languages.