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Easily add text messaging to Salesforce with the global leader in cloud communications. Use Salesforce data and components you know to customize SMS messaging and report on results.

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Text campaigns are among the proven strategies that help businesses gain traction. However, it’s easier said than done. Aloware’s business texting feature allows you to drive more sales through the channel where customers usually are. Through this feature, you can text with customers whenever, wherever; enjoy unlimited two-way texting, and automatically log all conversations when you integrate it with your CRM. You can even send messages with photos, GIFs, and videos. Aloware’s business texting feature also lets you schedule messages and follow-ups automatically. It helps you send notifications or quick updates with just one click, making your SMS/MMS campaigns easier to execute. It also comes with a Local Presence feature letting you use local phone numbers that match your customer's area code. Aloware’s business texting feature is your best bet if you want to reach your target audience, boost response rates, and drive more sales.

ValueText is Plug & play app for sending SMS, WhatsApp & Telegram from the salesforce. It simplifies the One to One conversation in Salesforce

Avochato makes it easy to generate and nurture leads and close more deals. SMS is the most effective channel to engage with customers - 98% of texts are read, and 69% of customers prefer receiving an SMS instead of a call. Start a free trial today.

Mercury SMS powered by MessageMedia is a text message solution that allows you to easily send SMS within Salesforce. Apply a personal touch to each message or plan ahead with SMS automations. Texting is effective for sales, marketing and support teams.

Mogli SMS is the most robust and user-friendly native text messaging solution on the AppExchange. It offers an unlimited user license, a US-based 5-star client success team, and a beautiful, intuitive user interface. Mogli - Do More of What Matters.

See why so many companies are switching to 360 SMS or picking it from the start! You’ll see it immediately with the install & trial phone # experience, to the docs, to the stronger methods of triggering messages & processing incoming replies & surveys.

TXTinIT is an easy-to-use text messaging plug-in for Salesforce. Send individual or bulk messages right away or at a scheduled time. Expand your reach and target your customers directly through SMS messaging.

SMS-Magic is an established customer messaging solution for brands that care. Our Converse application works natively within Salesforce to enable consent-based business-to-person messaging for high-touch and multichannel customer engagement at scale.

Textey gives you the ability to send and receive text message communication from directly within Salesforce. Ensure that all of your text messages are stored and remain within your CRM where it's reportable and trackable.

Buyer’s Guide
What is a Salesforce Text Messaging (SMS) App?

Customers today are ultra-connected with their mobile phones. You can provide a better customer experience with cost-effective mobile app solutions. Be there for your customers when they need it, from customer assistance, sending personalized offers, and answering queries. The Salesforce Text Messaging (SMS) App can empower multi-channel conversations with bulk messaging, customized communications, two-way messaging, messaging templates, and so much more.

Advantages of Salesforce Text Messaging (SMS) App

A Salesforce SMS App does more than give you text messaging functions, and it provides you with a multi-channel messaging solution. Here are more reasons why you should be installing one today:

Engage customers globally

Reach your customers worldwide with a customized SMS and improve engagement. People have their phones by their hand almost the majority of the time, so the chances that they will be reading your messages will be very high. It also empowers your service representatives or your marketing team to provide better customer experiences no matter where your customer is.

Improve customer read rate

Text messaging is one of the best ways to get your customers to read your message. With a 98% read rate, it even beats email marketing.

Learn more about your customers and get feedback

Maximize the channel by getting feedback from your customers through surveys. Research suggests that, on average, 31% of customers respond to a survey via text.

Empower your business to serve customers right away

Give your sales, marketing, and customer service team the power to deliver a world-class customer experience that’s fully integrated with Salesforce. You no longer need to access a third-party application to run your SMS efforts, and you can even manage your messages from channels here.

How Text Messaging (SMS) Apps works with Salesforce?

When integrated into your Salesforce platform, you can use SMS messages to have agent-to-customer conversations with automated methods like bots and campaigns. Your company can use a new or existing number to send our messages.

You can set up text message long code channels so customers can send your company a message and your agent scan reply from the Service Console. If you want to send recurring messages and one-time alerts, you need to set up the shortcode channel in messaging.

Salesforce Text Messaging (SMS) App Features that you need

Salesforce Texting Apps are beneficial for all types of businesses because it enables a more effective communication channel. It allows you to automate triggered SMS and even customize the responses. Beyond the functionalities of texting, these are the features that you should be looking for when deciding on which app suits your company best:

Multi-channel Integration
Receive and manage the messages coming from different platforms in one single platform. Look for an app that can connect seamlessly to your customers’ communication apps, such as Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, MMS, and more.

Global Reach Sending
Look for apps that allow you to send SMS around the world. This will give you lower costs in the long run, as well as you are paying for it by subscription and not per text.

Two-way Sending
Send and receive messages in your Salesforce platform.

Message Scheduler
Time your messages based on your customer’s location or preference.

Bulk SMS Sending
Send to multiple contacts in one go and even set categories for the recipients.

Messaging Templates
Use built-in message templates that anyone from your team can easily customize.

Salesforce Text Messaging (SMS) Apps Pricing

On average, Salesforce Text Messaging (SMS) Apps are priced around $ 6 to $ 400 per user/company and per month in the Salesforce AppExchange. You can find free apps also.

Messaging Apps Trends

Instant Payments

Payment apps and websites are now expanding to messaging apps. Users can now have the ability to use their communication platforms to socialize and perform financial transactions at the same time. Apple and Facebook Messenger now offer the option to provide payment instantly but require the users’ debit/credit card details.

Voice-activated Communication

More and more people are using voice-activated smart speakers to type their messages automatically. This is true not only on messaging apps but also on shopping, searching, and creating documents.

Rich Communication Services

Say goodbye to plain text message formats. RCS will allow more communication functionalities to your modern texting and even features found in an app. By 2022, Juniper Research predicts that there will be a 7000% increase in RCS messages sent.