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Best Salesforce Electronic Signature Apps

As businesses ride the pandemic’s effects, signing documents has become more convenient and safer for everyone through Salesforce eSignature Apps.

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Integrate Adobe Sign with Salesforce to create 100% digital workflows in minutes. Create, send, sign, track and file agreements quickly & securely right in Salesforce. Download the plug-in, then purchase Adobe Sign or start a free 30-day trial.

Maximize your Salesforce investment and streamline your processes with the DocuSign Agreement Cloud. With our Salesforce applications, your team can prepare, sign, act on and manage contracts within Salesforce. Accelerate business workflows, reduce costs and elevate customer experiences directly where the work gets done.

Integrate your Salesforce account with Secured Signing & get access to all-in-one digital signature software. Securely send documents & contracts to people for signing & store the signed + sealed documents automatically in Salesforce. Free trial!

Introducing an affordable solution to capture electronic signatures in Salesforce. With Simple Signature, you can acquire e-signatures on release forms, petitions, waivers, and other simple forms that need key data elements and a signature. Simple.

HelloSign for Salesforce helps you create, send, track, eSign, and save contracts and agreements: all without leaving Salesforce. Requires purchase of a HelloSign Enterprise plan, starting at $24 per user, a 5 seat min & upfront annual payment.

Send a Google Doc for electronic signature with a click of a button or automatically. Recipient receives email with link to sign the document and clicks to view/sign and signature status is updated in Salesforce automatically. Simple & non-branded.

Buyer’s Guide
What is a Salesforce Electronic Signature App?

Businesses are rapidly transforming at a fast pace. We have seen many technological developments that are making a significant impact on all industries. One good example would be the rise of Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems.

As businesses ride the pandemic’s effects, signing documents has become more convenient and safer for everyone through eSignature Apps.

Electronic signature or eSignature Apps are recommended, especially during the pandemic. This type of app authenticates, tracks, and stores multiple signatures and information about the signer remotely.

It’s always a good suggestion to experience the trial version of an electronic signature solution so you can assess if it’s the most suitable based on your company’s needs. If you are using Salesforce, make sure that you choose an electronic signature app that integrates with it.

What is an electronic signature?

An electronic signature is used to sign documents that are sent online. This removes the need for physical signing and mailing of documents. You can use an electronic signature on legal documents, contracts, invoices, and more.

Are electronic signatures legal?

Yes, electronic signatures have become widely accepted in the legal sense. Nowadays, it’s as good as traditional signatures, so once you have attached yours, you legally accept the terms stated in the document. Different countries have released laws regarding the acceptance of electronic signatures.

Advantages of a Salesforce Electronic Signature Apps

Electronic Signatures enable your company and your external partners to sign legally binding documents within seconds from mobile devices or computers. Your business can reduce risks and save resources. Here are more benefits of having eSignature Apps installed on your Salesforce:

Promote paperless journey

Electronic signature apps make use of digital platforms so that you can reduce paper usage.


You will have the ability to sign from anywhere, making it easier to run your business from all over the world.

Reduced Costs

Electronic signature apps don’t just save you paper costs but also time. It will help speed up productivity and reduce the cost of printing, postage, and filing storage.

Minimizes errors and risks

Electronic Signature apps use advanced security, audit trails, pre-filled-up forms, and digital authentication methods to reduce human errors and possible risks.

Higher efficiency rate

Approvals can now be done automatically, enabling anyone from your company to see which people have already signed and still need to sign the document. You will have access to a dashboard tool that allows you to monitor everything you need.

How do Electronic Signature Apps work for Salesforce?

Integrating your electronic signature app in your Salesforce platform means you can connect the contacts from your organization, clients, and external suppliers. Setting it up usually takes around four hours, but you can send documents for signing, monitor their progress, and keep backup storage once it’s done. After documents are signed, you will have a copy of the paper inside your Salesforce platform. All these can be done even without human intervention.

Types of Salesforce Electronic Signature Apps

1. Simple electronic signature (SES)

This is the most common type of electronic signature. You will receive an email with a document attachment. When you open the document, you will see a pre-filled area where you must place your name and signature. You can select a generated signature image, click to confirm, and send it back.

2. Advanced electronic signature (AES)

This electronic signature requires a certificate or code unique to you. This gives you a more secure way of signing documents because you need to prove and validate that you are the one signing your signature.

3. Qualified electronic signature (QES)

This electronic signature needs to have witness signatures, the same thing as formal documents. You and those witnesses will need to validate the signatures via Trust Service Provider (TSP). Each country has a dedicated TSP, and they are commonly found in public institutions such as the Post Office.

Salesforce Electronic Signature App Features that you need

Document Generation

The best apps for eSignature allow you to generate documents quickly. You will have access to different templates that already have signature tags placed in.

Security Functions

Since we are talking about signing legal documents, you need to have ample security for your electronic signature apps. Detailed audit trail, Two-Factor Authentication, and Document Encryption are among the security features you should look for.

Multiple Input Fields

When you sign documents, you won’t just attach your signature on them, but you also need to input the date and your initials and tick a checkbox. Electronic Signature apps should give you this flexibility.

Dynamic Content

Document templates always differ from company to company. Different industries or locations will need additional requirements for their documents before anyone can sign them. Most electronic signature apps support dynamic content; you can edit premade templates based on your business rules.

Automatic Reminders

Due dates are essential for signing contracts, budget requests, payment requests, and more. Electronic signature apps enable auto-generated reminders to keep your transactions in place.

Salesforce Electronic Signature Apps Pricing

On average, Salesforce eSignature Apps are priced around $ 5 to $ 30 per user and per month in the Salesforce AppExchange. You can find free apps also.

Electronic Signature Trends

Electronic Signature apps are expected to go mainstream due to the digital transformations of different industries. We’ve listed down some things that we can look forward to for the e-signature apps.

Fingerprint Based E-Signature

The use of biometric signatures is increasing because companies have embraced electronic signature technology. Biometrics makes use of fingerprints, and you can embed your fingerprint through your smartphone. We all know that fingerprints are one of the unique identifiers of a person’s identity. Usually, this technology has a two-dimensional scanning feature to ensure the fingerprint is not fake or artificial.

Advanced Identity Checks

The electronic signature apps don’t just factor in inconvenience, but it also takes security seriously. Documents need to be signed by the right person to be valid, and we also need to avoid fraud. Newer electronic signature apps will feature different advanced methods of validating identity.

The rise of mobile device usage

Nowadays, you can almost do everything with just your smartphone. If signing before was done physically, you can now enjoy mobile responsive electronic signature apps that enable you to sign documents whatever device you are using and wherever you are. You can take advantage of technologies such as SMS OTP (One Time Password), which can be a signing method in eSignatures and allow you to verify your identity with a code sent to your phone.