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Web forms and surveys let you capture significant data and feedback from your target audience. Through Salesforce Web Form & Survey Apps, you can create mobile-responsive forms and survey whether it's product feedback, interview questionnaire, and more within just minutes with intuitive drag-and-drop features and other easy-to-use functionalities.

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Capture customer feedback in Salesforce instantly with effortless 1-click surveys and partial responses. Improve the customer experience, innovate your products and services, and increase your CSAT and Net Promoter Score®.

The Medallia Experience Cloud is a customer experience (CX) management platform, which brings together the most comprehensive set of capabilities for collecting voice-of-customer feedback, analyzing the results and bringing insights to employees for customer-centric action.

Build and distribute surveys with ease and speed. Send automated surveys across all channels. Sync real-time response data into Salesforce. The #1-rated CSAT, CES, and NPS survey solution according to AppExchange ratings & Salesforce Solution Engineers.

Our Salesforce Integration can interact with any Salesforce object including custom objects and custom fields. Our Drag & Drop editor combined with over 40 question types lets you easily create almost any type of form or survey.

An intuitive drag & drop form builder that boosts data collection capabilities & increases productivity by connecting highly customizable forms & surveys to unlimited Salesforce objects.

More than 4,000 organizations have transformed data collection with FormAssembly’s all-in-one web form builder and data collection platform. Build forms for financial services, healthcare, higher ed, non profit, and other industries, including event registration forms, feedback forms, and more. No matter what industry you’re in, FormAssembly can simplify your data collection processes. Reduce overhead costs and eliminate time-consuming workflows by integrating your forms with Salesforce and other systems you already use.

Buyer’s Guide
What is a Salesforce Web Form & Survey App?

Create corporate branded and mobile-responsive forms and surveys within just minutes with intuitive drag-and-drop features and other easy-to-use functionalities of a Salesforce Web Form & Survey App. You can transform these forms and surveys into quizzes, lead forms, questionnaires, checklists, and assessments. It boosts your data collection capabilities and increases productivity.

Advantages of Salesforce Web Form and Survey App

Quickly build robust web-to-lead or web-to-case forms using Salesforce Web Forms and Surveys Apps. These apps can help save you time by creating custom-built templates and fully integrate their results to Salesforce. Here are more reasons why you should install one today:

Distribute surveys and forms across different channels

You can include your surveys on other platforms that you have. You can embed it on various web pages, send a link through SMS or email, share it to communities, or post it in your marketing channels.

Integrate and analyze results instantly

Turn your survey and form data into Salesforce data and get instant visibility to the most critical metrics using built-in survey results and customizable dashboards.

Build multiple forms and surveys for different purposes

Using your Salesforce data, you can personalize your surveys and forms depending on your needs, from getting feedback, analyzing consumer behavior, getting information, and more. You can even choose the type of journey you want your respondents to take.

How does a Salesforce Web Form and Survey App work with Salesforce

Most of the Salesforce Web Form and Survey Apps require zero integration and zero coding requirements. Once you have integrated the app, you need to configure your survey and form settings based on what you need and make one within minutes. The results from your surveys and forms easily integrate inside your Salesforce platform.

Salesforce Web Form & Survey App Features that you need

Most of the web form and survey apps offer the same, but there are certain features that you need to look for to make sure you get the best of your Salesforce Web Forms and Surveys App.

Dynamic Control

Configure questions based on dependency logic to show or hide questions dynamically. You can use responses from other questions into another set of questions.

Flexible Builder

Create highly customizable and mobile-responsive forms and surveys that are based on any business scenario. You can connect your documents to standard and custom objects, set rules, get payments, and more.

Multi-Lingual Support

Send surveys and forms using your respondent’s native language. You can configure the settings to translate the answers afterward.

Form Pre-filling

When a respondent opens a form, it can be pre-filled with Salesforce data connected to their profile.

Security Features

Keep your forms secure with GDPR & HIPAA compliant forms that offer advanced security and privacy controls. You can add personalized data, insurance coverage, and even choose your form data residency.

Salesforce Web Form and Survey App Pricing

On average, Salesforce Chatbot Apps are priced around $ 22 to $ 250 per user and per month in the Salesforce AppExchange. You can find free apps also.

Survey Trends

A lot of things have changed and are being characterized by technological and social changes. These changes have impacted the way businesses do market research as well. Surveys have become extremely important for gathering insights that help position companies strategically. Here are some ways surveys are going to change in the coming years:

AI-based Survey

Artificial Intelligence can determine the facial recognition, behavior, mood, and feelings of the respondents. This is a big jump from conventional survey formats and provides detailed insights for any company.

More qualitative research methods

Experts are also eyeing changes in qualitative research. Market researchers stated that trends would lean towards more longitudinal studies, observational studies from Apps, and online qualitative surveys. This makes it possible to gather data on a macroeconomic level and analyze behavioral changes over a more extended period.

Advanced User Experience

User Experience is more than just usability. Interactive surveys will play a significant role in the coming years as they turn traditional survey formats into an exciting experience which attracts more respondents to complete forms.