Customized BI and AI Solutions for Your Salesforce Business

What are smart AI services?
We see your data as enormous wealth of experience. Using Machine Learning and AI techniques this valuable knowledge can be extracted.

Via a smart AI service you can supply and share this universal knowledge with your employees. Your company’s efficiency regarding decision making and problem solving will increase substantially as your employees can rely on your whole company‘s wealth of experience.

Customization of smart AI services:
Just like your company’s CRM processes are precisely adjusted to your business requirements, AI solutions are also in need of customization. A customer-friendly design of the AI service is essential for the successful use of AI technology.

We help you to identify reasonable use-cases where it makes sense to supply your employees with universal knowledge. Our certified consultants set up a strategic concept, considering technical aspects, but also the user-friendly integration in your CRM processes. After implementation, we provide onboarding support and monitor the adoption of the smart AI service to meet an all-round successfull AI experience.

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