The Welkin Suite Consulting

Shaping Salesforce to fit exact business needs


We help the full gamut of Salesforce customers and partners to shape Salesforce to fit their exact business needs, from those just starting out, to those already up and running. This is done by:

  • Infusing projects with tens of thousands of hours of expertise. The depth of expertise not only includes our development, consulting, administration, and integration work in Salesforce, on over 70 completed Salesforce projects, but it also includes experience from various other past work on mobile apps and desktop solutions, cross-platform apps, cloud apps, and data analysis.
  • Getting to work fast even on the most complex technical challenges. With more than 30 certified devs and support staff, we easily multitask from the get-go. So work can start in as little 7 to 10 days.
  • Making your life easy, by making sure work falls within your budget and your expectations with easy monthly billing. Once we have a set of specifications on a project, task, or needed team, you get a complete report outlining our plan, with the timeframe and cost that will be followed. You can also receive daily/weekly/biweekly reports of all activities, there is never a need to guess or ask “what’s going on?”

  • You get to experience - we’ve developed software since 2006; we’ve developed on the Salesforce platform since 2013; we’ve completed more than 70 Salesforce projects; more than 50,000 labor-hours of work completed for our customers
  • You get a budget that stays intact - Stay within your budget with fully transparent estimates and reports
  • You get fast starts and flexible Cooperation - we ensure a fast & easy start to any project or team extension; we are happy to work with different engagement models to fit your needs like fixed-price projects, dedicated teams, or time & material approach
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  • The Welkin Suite Consulting
  • The Welkin Suite Consulting
  • The Welkin Suite Consulting
  • The Welkin Suite Consulting
  • The Welkin Suite Consulting

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International: Belarus, Denmark, Germany, Kazakhstan, Russia, Ukraine, United States

United States: New York

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