Finance industry and fintech specialist KYC / AML, Services Billing


Secure and deploy a KYC / AML process on the web, mobile. Accelerator is flexible for banks, fund management, KYC providers and HNWI customer onboarding.

Use IA in your customer checks using best of learning algoritms on your data.Help your team prepare the KYC and AML file using the best technologies and the best design. Deploy enterprise-wide project management, budget time and set goals. By mobile or internet, anywhere in the world and at any time, the work done is reported and recorded. Follow the latecomers and reward the best elements.

Help your salespeople sell more and avoid configuration errors by offering packages with guiding options. Create contracts and recurring or direct invoices.Consult us.info@ubiclouder.com

  • Onboard your customer in a beautiful and flexible onboarding process, KYC / AML compliance has never been so easy with Flexi Compliance. Manage complex orders like package of services with products, options, mass invoice, recurrent billing, complex pricing sheme has never been so easy with Flex Billing.
  • In Luxembourg, access the state aid program FIT 4 DIGITAL allows to have approved consultants, a diagnosis and a budget and mastered. In addition, you can benefit from state support depending on the type of expenditure!
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International: France, Luxembourg

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