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Highlights We have gained experience from Start-Ups, SMBs as well as large Corporations and will find the best possible solution for your business together with you. We show you the best way to stay in the standard solution and align your processes to the Salesforce standard functionalities. Change management can be very cost efficient than configuration. With our agile projects we keep you very close to the project. In regular sprints we present you what we did and test it with you. You and your users can make changes during the project so we have a very efficient Go-Live phase. Description As we are a young and dynamic but also experienced team of digital natives at Start-Cons, we make it our mission to get to know you from head to toe to then be able to offer your personalized services at all times.We think, that work can be a lot more fun if you take away complexity and irritations in processes and especially if highly repetitive Tasks can be automated and therefore do not have to be done manually. Not only will employees have more fun at work, even better: Your business also will save a lot in terms of costs! Furthermore, seamless processes will drastically increase your efficiency as well.

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Siamo focalizzati al 100% solo su Salesforce

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