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Orange Business Service distinguishes itself by the variety of its customer relationship management solutions and its specific know-how to enable integrations with Salesforce:

  • Communication: Integration of reference contact center solutions (Genesys, Avaya, Cisco and Kiamo) and the Cloud Flexible Contact Center solution, offering a unified workstation in Sales and Service Cloud.
  • Collaboration: collaborative devices for document management or integration of corporate social network- Capitalization: analysis and processing of data based on our Flexible Data solution
  • Mobility: mobile application (web, mobile, intranet applications) development
  • Analyze: integration of business flow management solutions
  • Customer loyalty: Implementation of mailing and SMS campaigns through Contact Everyone, We bring together the wealth of Salesforce CRM with the power of our Flexible Contact Center to design a unique 100% cloud -based solution. We advise companies on the whole of their digital strategy and develop and integrate solutions such as Digital Workspace, Sales and Field Services, eCommerce, payment, customer insight, Digital Applications…

  • 350 experts in Customer Relationship Management & 200 business consultants specializing in digital transformation
  • 2,700 developers, data analytics and Internet of Things experts
  • 2,200 Cloud and Cyber Defense experts, engineers and project managers specialized in Cloud, digital workplace, infrastructure and security
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Languages: English, French

International: Belgium, France, India, Spain

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