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Highlights Experts for process optimization and automation and thus making companies stronger and more flexible in the daily competition for customers and prospects. We offer individual consulting according to your requirements. Seamless integration of Salesforce in your landscape, whether ERP, online-shop, accounting or other systems and applications. Individual development tailored to your specific needs. We are your long-term partner for the planning, development, support, managed service and continuous improvement of your system. Description Salesforce can be incredibly helpful - but also incredibly complex.Our experienced consultants based in Austria and Germany will help you to simplify that complexity. As a consultancy with the philosophy to find the right Salesforce set-up that perfectly meets your requirements, we work very close with you to understand how your company really works. This way we operate more efficiently and on a more personal level to solve all your challenges when introducing a new CRM. Ensure your company’s success by relying on a professional partner for your Salesforce projects. We help our customers to utilize Salesforce successfully in various distinguished scenarios. Let your project be successful whether you are implementing Salesforce for the first time or want to optimize or integrate additional Salesforce solutions as well as connect new departments. Get in touch with us now.Expertise:• Salesforce: Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, Pardot, Community Cloud, Salesforce Platform, Field Service Lightning, CPQ and B2B Commerce• Industry: Manufacturing, Professional Service, Healthcare and Software & High Tech

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# Focus

# Salesforce Expertise


# Certifications (122)

Salesforce Certified Administrator

14 x Salesforce Certified Administrator

Salesforce Certified Associate

13 x Salesforce Certified Associate

App Builder

12 x App Builder

Sales Cloud Consultant

9 x Sales Cloud Consultant

Data Architecture & Management Designer

6 x Data Architecture & Management Designer

Platform Developer I

5 x Platform Developer I

Service Cloud Consultant

5 x Service Cloud Consultant

Experience Cloud Consultant

5 x Experience Cloud Consultant

Salesforce Certified Business Analyst

4 x Salesforce Certified Business Analyst

Sharing & Visibility Architect

4 x Sharing & Visibility Architect

Associate Administrator

4 x Associate Administrator

Pardot Specialist

3 x Pardot Specialist

Pardot Consultant

3 x Pardot Consultant

Application Architect

3 x Application Architect

Salesforce Certified Marketing Cloud Administrator

3 x Salesforce Certified Marketing Cloud Administrator

Indirect Sales Accredited Professional

2 x Indirect Sales Accredited Professional

Platform Developer II

2 x Platform Developer II

JavaScript Developer I

2 x JavaScript Developer I

Salesforce Certified Strategy Designer

2 x Salesforce Certified Strategy Designer

Marketing Cloud Consultant

2 x Marketing Cloud Consultant

Field Service Consultant

2 x Field Service Consultant

CPQ Specialist

2 x CPQ Specialist

B2B Commerce For Administrators Accredited Professional

2 x B2B Commerce For Administrators Accredited Professional

Advanced Administrator

2 x Advanced Administrator

Process Automation Accredited Professional

1 x Process Automation Accredited Professional

MC Account Engagement: Business Units Accredited Professional

1 x MC Account Engagement: Business Units Accredited Professional

Salesforce Certified Marketing Cloud Email Specialist

1 x Salesforce Certified Marketing Cloud Email Specialist

Associate Platform Developer I

1 x Associate Platform Developer I

User Experience Designer

1 x User Experience Designer

Tableau CRM & Einstein Discovery Consultant

1 x Tableau CRM & Einstein Discovery Consultant

Technical Architect

1 x Technical Architect

System Architect

1 x System Architect

Integration Architect

1 x Integration Architect

Identity & Access Management Architect

1 x Identity & Access Management Architect

Development Lifecycle & Deployment Architect

1 x Development Lifecycle & Deployment Architect

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Key clients:

# Geographic Focus

Languages: English, German

International: Austria, Germany, Switzerland

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Cloud Girafe est une société de Conseil spécialisée sur le logiciel CRM Salesforce. Notre équipe de spécialistes certifiés vous accompagne sur la configuration et les développements (APEX, VisualForce, Composants Lightning, Heroku, Webservices).

Témoignages clients:

Cloud Girafe est intervenue chez RATP Connect pour nous aider à accélérer la digitalisation de l’entreprise. C’est un plaisir de travailler avec eux et je n’hésiterai d’ailleurs pas à les solliciter dès que nous aurons un nouveau besoin !Xavier Crombez Directeur Commercial Chez RATP Connect
Les équipes de Cloud Girafe ont très bien compris nos problématiques et ont ainsi pu adapter parfaitement Salesforce à nos besoinsCamille Masson cofondatrice de Woonies

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GUIMINI, Expert dans la conception de solutions innovantes qui simplifient le quotidien de vos collaborateurs et vous permettent de vous concentrer sur l’élément essentiel de votre activité : vos clients !

C’est une démarche profondément collaborative, à l’écoute de votre vision et de vos objectifs pour vous proposer la solution personnalisé nécessaire pour booster votre business ! 🚀

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Solganeo, votre partenaire de confiance pour une intégration Salesforce réussie. Nous proposons des services sur mesure et un accompagnement personnalisé tout au long de votre projet.

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