Eight ways to find Salesforce Clients in 2022

As a Salesforce Partner providing consulting and implementation services, the lifeblood of your business is sourcing out fresh leads. Without new business contacts, your company will have a hard time hitting its targets and goals. How do you ensure that there is always a stream of potential clients when 61% of marketers say their biggest challenge is generating leads.

If you want to have more quality leads, you need to strategically think of your lead generation funnel. According to Colin Bovet, Head of Marketing & Growth Hacker at Enplug, the future of lead generation lies in personalization and social selling. Digital technologies provide ample resources to assist you with lead generations. Still, we have picked the right, most effective lead generation techniques to help you find businesses looking for Salesforce implementation partners.

Get Client Referrals

Nielsen reports that 92% of clients trust referrals from people whose opinions they value. This is where you can leverage your past clients’ experience. If your service was superb, chances are they will refer you to their business contacts or share a few names of people who might also be looking for a Salesforce consulting partner.

When getting referrals, wait until you have provided a 5-star rating service to your clients. Don’t immediately ask for referrals right after closing a deal. They’ll be more open to providing new opportunities once they know you are the best implementation partner.

Hunt Opportunities in Job Portal Websites

Check out who is hiring for Salesforce resources on different job-hunting websites such as Glassdoor, Indeed, etc. Companies looking at these workforce requirements, especially Salesforce Admin positions, have higher chances of using Salesforce as their CRM.

You may also check on job portals explicitly made for Salesforce recruitment, such as Mason Frank and Jobssie.

After checking out the companies, go to their website, research them, assess their industry pain points, and craft a personalized message on why you can help them out with their Salesforce implementation needs.

Connect with Salesforce Account Executives (AEs)

The Salesforce Account Executives build relationships, close deals, and act as the technical product expert. Leveraging your Salesforce connections is a crucial factor in getting new opportunities. This is probably one of the recommended ways to bring you more projects.

Grow your network of Salesforce AEs and source out deals from them. Build rapports based on people in your target location or industry. Make the first move and ask if they have any small deals your company can work on.

Identify your niche

A niche pertains to a section of a larger market with more defined needs and industry pain points.

Selecting a niche strategy is vital for your company’s positioning, sales, and marketing efforts. Choose the Salesforce product, industry, or consulting type you want to specialize in.

By carving one out, you can become the go-to Salesforce Partner for a specific type of audience, which helps in establishing your credibility over your competitors. Clients will make it easier to decide that you are the right partner for their Salesforce implementation project.

Be more present at Salesforce Events

Events from Salesforce Success and Salesforce Developer communities are an excellent choice for looking for potential clients. These are places where people usually ask help questions.

Stay on top of the upcoming events by looking for announcements from Salesforce, TrailHead, and content creators like Salesforce Ben.

The most significant Salesforce events are Dreamforce, world tours, specialized events, basecamps, community events, and Salesforce user group meetups.

Subscribe to Leads Subscription or buy AI Lead Generation Software

Manually looking for prospects can be time-consuming. There are different Lead Generation Software that can help you automate the process. It allows more high-quality leads to come in. Winning over your competitors requires your consulting business to provide constant effort. A Lead Gen Software helps lessen the time spent on lead tracking, updating contact information, and finding high-converting clients.

You may also subscribe to our Leads Generation Subscription. We offer it as an add-on solution to our Professional and Enterprise Members. We charge $ 150 per valid lead, and you will have a form to fill out your type of lead request. We do not charge unresponsive clients from your end, so it’s worth it for your investment.

By upgrading your membership, we can maximize your online visibility and help you get a head start over your competitors. Our Professional Plan ($75/monthly) and Enterprise Plan ($175/monthly).

We have Top Salesforce Listing pages that appear as first page results in Google for different major country users of Salesforce, such as the United States, Australia, India, United Kingdom, Canada, and more! You, too, can be part of these lists. Read more about our Membership and Advertising Opportunities.

Develop Content-driven Digital Channels

Build your authority over Salesforce implementation with content that’s helpful for businesses who are researching further about Salesforce. Create articles, trends, and reports related to your niche’s pain points.

For ideas on what to write about, do a keyword scan to check which topics your niche searches about.

Maximize Online B2B Advertising

Paid advertising campaigns are one of the holy grails of this digital marketing era. Since you cater to businesses, choose the platforms designed to attract customers. Google Ads (Display and Video) and LinkedIn Ads are among the high-priority ones because that’s where the professionals are.


We know that there are more ways to land new clients. At CRM Consulting, we can help you find your next deal by subscribing to our Membership and Leads Generation Plans. If you are interested, send us an email at hello@crm.consulting to schedule a quick 30-minute call.

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Althea Mateo
Thea is an international award-winning Digital Marketer who loves writing about Salesforce and the tech industry.