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Success Craft is a team of Salesforce® professionals doing business as a Salesforce® outsourcing development center in Poland. Founded in 2015, our team has grown from a small company of 5 individuals to the organization of 75 employees (and growing) that it is today.

The main goal of our company is to help our customers achieve maximum success and efficiency in the areas of sales, maintenance, analysis, and communication with their clients, customers, and vendors, through their use of the Salesforce® platform.

We offer a full range of end-to-end Salesforce® solutions, product development, and various consulting services, from task to deployment, from our highly-skilled, trained, and certified developers, QA engineers, project managers, all of whom are constantly led and supported by our certified Technical Architects.

Our deep specialization in Salesforce® provides a multitude of advantages to our clients, as do our dedication to successful long-term partnerships, our comparatively low overhead, and our “no confusion, no-hassle” all-inclusive pricing structures.

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