How Salesforce Helps Small Businesses Grow

Customer relationship management (CRM) is one of the most powerful secrets small businesses have for growth. At the moment, Salesforce is one of the best CRM software available on the market. Their market leadership comes from their reliability and expertise in the market.

Salesforce has expansive integration capabilities, high customizability, many apps and plugins, and various innovations within the CRM tech space. If you want to get the full benefits of CRM software, this is the right option for you. Here’s how Salesforce helps small businesses grow and how it can help you rise too.

Salesforce is SMB-Friendly

In its very design, one of the crowning features of Salesforce is its SMB-friendly design and architecture. For starters, the entire Salesforce CRM lies on the cloud, which means it’s always online. This allows small businesses to operate without buying large data centers or renting for hosts.

Running your software tools in-house can be an issue if you’re a growing business. When you manage business finances, you want a CRM that runs when you need it and does not need local servers. Your IT needs increase in parallel with your growth, so you want something easy to build bigger without costing too much more.

Salesforce is scalable for every level of business that you have. As you startup, you can use the system for basic needs like sales collaborations and contacts. As you grow in scale, you can do almost anything, from developing apps to targeting moments where you can generate peak productivity.

You can do almost anything in Salesforce. It doesn’t matter if you’re a startup, a long-time SMB, or a large Fortune500 corporation. This CRM grows with you.

Sales Cloud Offers A Swiss Army Knife of Features

Salesforce Sales Cloud is among the most powerful modules you can find within the CRM. In itself, Sales Cloud makes the entire CRM worth its value due to the many benefits for your small business. The system includes everything from Web-to-Lead lead capture and crucial options like campaigns, price books, and contacts.

The power of the Sales Cloud module comes from its personalization of the entire sales process. It is flexible enough to fit and customize your process, as well as match your business needs. It can generate more leads through its lead management and sales data, which can help track your leads, convert them, and make insightful, data-driven decisions.

The Sales Cloud system also works on your mobile, so you can be on the go and still control the pace of the business. It can also provide reports and dashboards to help you see a real-time visualization of everything you’re doing. The system can even do sales forecasting, which creates a gross rollup of opportunities available for you.

Salesforce Flow Helps Automate Business Process

Whatever your business is, there will be things that you need to repeat over and over again. Hiring an agent to do grunt work is a waste of human resources. Not only will it cost you money but time too, as you need to train them and supervise. One thing you can do is automate via Salesforce Flow.

Salesforce Flow is an application that can help automate complex processes rather than push you to hire entire departments you can’t afford. The things you can automate are almost endless.

Flow lets you leverage automation in your business, letting your CRM software do everything as you intend. It works as point-and-click automation, using a Flow Builder and a Process Builder to help you edit existing processes.

Following the Salesforce mantra, Flow is easy to use and designed to reduce the thinking time needed to optimize processes. You can set up automated tasks, connect to external systems, and even add automation to your pages and apps. Everything you build is editable and reusable for other business processes.

Salesforce Is Secure and Reliable

If there’s anything you want from your CRM, that’s reliability. System downtime is a hassle and can lose you a lot of money due to lost opportunities. Salesforce is quite reliable, offering updates, upgrades, and consistent patches to protect the needs of their clients.

Salesforce often changes, adding newer apps and modules designed to simplify business. They are also additive rather than subtractive, so you’ll never lose modules that are useful to your process. As their updates are generally light, too, you experience far fewer disruptions in your productivity.

Nobody likes upgrading their CRM software due to potential issues like incompatible plugins and security concerns. Salesforce is easy to update, with all of its modules working as intended every time. It’s a reliable system that takes the guesswork out of your patch updates.

Salesforce is Cost-Effective and Scalable

One major constraint for every small business is its limited budget. Not everyone can buy CRM software for thousands of dollars a month that only have a few features at a time. While Salesforce costs money, the premium value of the system is worth it for your business.

Salesforce costs a few hundred dollars, depending on your business size, number of users, and features needed. The cost itself is worth it, as you gain access to apps, tools, and optimization systems valued at thousands of dollars. It also integrates everything in one neat package that your team can use.

Salesforce, as we mentioned, is scalable. You can go up and down their different packages according to your current needs. You have a powerful set of applications as part of the base package; then, you can include add-ons to personalize its services.

Salesforce Helps Improve Customer Service

At some point, every small business would need better customer service. One employee answering all the questions won’t cut it anymore, especially if you’re growing exponentially more than you can handle. Salesforce handles this by using their cloud capability, connecting your CRM software to other cloud services.

Social CRM systems within Salesforce can gain better analytics in several major social media outlets like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Twitter. You can use these platforms to reply to your audience and predict potential trends and patterns. You can use this to do different things, including solving problems and anticipating growing issues.

Solving problems is crucial for smoother customer experiences. Salesforce can help build small business customer satisfaction and help you grow more exponentially.


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The Bottom Line

Salesforce helps your business grow through its many sophisticated modules, apps, and plugins. While many of these solutions are elegant in nature, they are also more cost-effective and easy to use. This makes them valuable for small businesses looking to start small and scale their systems.

If any of these benefits are attractive for you, Salesforce may be the right system for you. Consider this CRM software and help your business grow exponentially. Others have succeeded - so should you.