10 Slack Benefits to Salesforce CRM Users

Slack is a business communication platform developed by Slack Technologies and is currently owned by Salesforce. According to Slack CEO Stewart Butterfield, the 9 to 5 work hours and Monday to Friday work week are over. Now, more than 10 million people are using Slack. 43% of the FORTUNE 100 and big companies such as Walmart, Nike, Shopify, Airbnb, Udemy, and Pinterest use the communication app.


Salesforce made the right decision to purchase one of the leading workplace messaging apps right now. To date, the whopping $27.7 billion acquisition of Slack has been the biggest purchase of the CRM company.

The integration of Slack and Salesforce Customer 360 will prove a powerful tool for everyone. Here are ten benefits of Slack Salesforce integration:

slack interface

10 Slack Features that your Business will Benefit From

1. Slack for Communication | Amplified collaboration across all departments in your organization

Combining the world’s #1 CRM with the world’s most innovative messaging app will give your team a more engaging, intuitive, and productive way of working anywhere, anytime.

Salesforce Customer 360 unites all your departments in one platform, and Slack adds another layer of engagement to improve alignment throughout your organization further. Imagine that your sales team can instantly update opportunities in Slack, or your service reps get quick access and close tickets in one platform.

2. Slack for IT | Slack connects all your tools and apps

Slack integrates with multiple business apps

Bring the experience and processes together when you connect your Slack and Salesforce with the apps you are using. You can also build custom apps with no-code functionalities to drive better organizational outcomes quicker.

Reports have shown that users of Slack resulted in fewer meetings and a 338% return on investment (ROI).

3. Slack for Sales | Empowers your sales department to close opportunities faster

Studies have also shown that by using Slack, sales teams were able to close deals faster, making $2.6 million more.

The combination of Slack and Salesforce will give your sales representatives access to insights, action items, and customers all in one place. Both shorten and streamline the sales cycle by enabling people to work together directly and sync Salesforce records to receive critical deal notifications.

4. Slack for Customer Service | Provide excellent service to top-notch customers

A connected customer service team means more satisfied customers. With Slack integrated with Salesforce, you bring all your systems in one place, speeding up your response time, unlocking customer insights, and investing in customer loyalty and retention.

Studies have shown that switching to Slack has reduced the cost per service ticket by 15%.

5. Slack for Marketing | Give your Marketing team an AI-driven shared space

Slack and Salesforce integration will give your marketing department a headstart by enabling them to pull out AI-driven insights from the Marketing Cloud and Datorama.

When changes to specific marketing material, your entire team will also be notified.

6. Slack for Productivity | Get quick file access and sharing

Your entire organization can easily search and preview records and information related to the accounts they are managing without closing the Slack app. You can easily loop a new member by tagging them on the file.

7. Slack for Productivity | Prioritize tasks easier

Businesses that have integrated Slack with Salesforce will now receive alerts about their jobs and assignments in the messaging app. Slack will become a vital part of your daily progress and provide crucial information about your upcoming tasks.

8. Slack for Quotations | Manage quotations more efficiently and faster

Some companies have started spending hours every month checking the status of every opportunity. With Slack integrated into Salesforce, your sales, management, and administrative departments can be quickly notified if a quote has been received, for review, denied, or accepted.

9. Slack for Analytics | Become more effective at data reporting

Salesforce integration with Slack will make data analysis more straightforward. There are tools that you can use to generate reports from leads to sales revenues. This gives you a clear picture of the areas driving growth and improvement and where you need improvements.

10. Slack for Security | Protect your data inside the platform

Slack encrypts your data at rest and in-transit data. With tools such as Slack Enterprise Key Management, audit logs, and top data loss prevention providers, the messaging app can further increase the security of all your data and conversation.


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Together, Salesforce and Slack help companies and businesses build a better Digital HQ so you can achieve success wherever you are. Slack Salesforce integration empowers your organization to exchange ideas, recommendations, and files or data across every department.

So, now that you have a quick background of the benefits of Slack Salesforce integration, we believe it’s time for you to make the best decision for your business. If you want to talk to Salesforce experts, you can find one and get connected instantly at CRM Consulting. Visit our Partner Search Tool to get started.

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