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Teqfocus is a technology consultancy that partners with companies working in multiple areas like Education, Telecommunication, BFSI, Non-Profit, etc.

Custom-built solutions from Teqfocus helps remove the silos within business lines of our partners and provides end to end customer experience.

We help universities, K-12 and Ed-tech organizations to transform Learning Management System, Student Information System, and Financial Aid Systems.

We are also a part of the digital transformation journey of our partners by using our in-depth knowledge, best practices and the next-gen marketing automation tools.

We provide services that integrate and optimize business processes, technology and data to increase productivity, and streamline business processes.

One common theme discussed with our clients is the persistent complementary need for strong leadership and execution in project settings. By complementing our clients’ established leadership, Teqfocus provides deep industry and technology expertise to allow our clients to focus on their own business.

  • Reduce your operational cost with plan your Salesforce strategy with more than 10 years of experienced consultants at TeqFocus
  • Competitive rates with the highly evolved business process over 5yrs of services with clients in the US and EMEA.
  • High-value preposition and business benefit for the long-term partnership.
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Key clients: Alavida, ALU, Streaming Tank, Tata Global Beverages, LeapFrogger, Lark Tattoo

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Languages: English

International: United States, Canada

United States: California

Canada: Manitoba, Ontario

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