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CloudMasonry is a leading provider of Salesforce consulting services for organizations both large and small across the US. We leverage our experience with cloud-based systems to help companies discover greater value in their digital investments. With experience that spans across all major industries, CloudMasonry combines deep enterprise consulting experience with a collaborative approach to project delivery.

We thrive in complex technical environments while supporting unique business needs. We may come with best practices in hand, but nothing we do is cookie cutter. Often ranked near the top of Salesforce consulting firms, CloudMasonry is a full-service provider of digital transformation services. We partner with organizations at every point in their digital journey, from initial system design through ongoing managed services.


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Salesforce Certified Administrator

31 x Salesforce Certified Administrator

App Builder

20 x App Builder

Sales Cloud Consultant

19 x Sales Cloud Consultant

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16 x Service Cloud Consultant

Platform Developer I

14 x Platform Developer I

Salesforce Certified Business Analyst

13 x Salesforce Certified Business Analyst

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9 x Experience Cloud Consultant

Advanced Administrator

8 x Advanced Administrator

Salesforce Certified Marketing Cloud Email Specialist

7 x Salesforce Certified Marketing Cloud Email Specialist

JavaScript Developer I

7 x JavaScript Developer I

Platform Developer II

6 x Platform Developer II

Sharing & Visibility Architect

6 x Sharing & Visibility Architect

Data Architecture & Management Designer

6 x Data Architecture & Management Designer

Salesforce Certified Associate

5 x Salesforce Certified Associate

OmniStudio Consultant

5 x OmniStudio Consultant

Application Architect

5 x Application Architect

Salesforce Certified Strategy Designer

4 x Salesforce Certified Strategy Designer

Salesforce Certified Marketing Cloud Administrator

4 x Salesforce Certified Marketing Cloud Administrator

OmniStudio Developer

3 x OmniStudio Developer

Marketing Cloud Consultant

3 x Marketing Cloud Consultant

Development Lifecycle & Deployment Architect

3 x Development Lifecycle & Deployment Architect

CPQ Specialist

3 x CPQ Specialist

Marketing Cloud Developer

2 x Marketing Cloud Developer

Industries CPQ Developer

2 x Industries CPQ Developer

User Experience Designer

2 x User Experience Designer

Certified AI Associate

2 x Certified AI Associate

B2B Solution Architect

2 x B2B Solution Architect

Associate Billing Specialist

2 x Associate Billing Specialist

Pardot Specialist

1 x Pardot Specialist

B2C Commerce Developer

1 x B2C Commerce Developer

Associate Platform Developer I

1 x Associate Platform Developer I

Pardot Consultant

1 x Pardot Consultant

Nonprofit Cloud Consultant

1 x Nonprofit Cloud Consultant

Field Service Consultant

1 x Field Service Consultant

Education Cloud Consultant

1 x Education Cloud Consultant

Data Cloud Consultant

1 x Data Cloud Consultant

System Architect

1 x System Architect

Integration Architect

1 x Integration Architect

Identity & Access Management Architect

1 x Identity & Access Management Architect

Associate Administrator

1 x Associate Administrator

# Portfolio

JP Morgan Chase

JP Morgan Chase

Salesforce Grants Management Package Salesforce Platform Salesforce Experience Cloud

Need: The JPMorgan Chase (JPMC) Corporate Responsibility team has 10 different business units that cover initiatives such as global philanthropy, sustainability, research and policy, government relations, etc. The vast majority of the Corporate Responsibility team have never used Salesforce or were leveraging it in a very minimal and unscalable capacity.

Approach: CloudMasonry embarked on a Salesforce digital transformation journey to allow the organization to answer questions such as:

  • How much of JPMC’s 2021 corporate grants were directed toward businesses / organizations that focus on affordable housing in low-income neighborhoods?
  • How are we tracking our firmwide commitments on the amount of investment towards organizations that align with our ESG initiatives?
  • Can our Grants Managers collaborate with our Grantee partners in quantifying metrics/outcomes that help us understand where our funds are most impactful.

Outcome: CloudMasonry led JP Morgan through a multi-year digital transformation journey focusing on enabling a Centralized Data Management strategy that will have impacts across the larger JPMC organization and enable cross collaboration between the Corporate Responsibility Team with the rest of the bank.

Duration: 20+ Months

"CloudMasonry understands that it's not a transaction, it's a relationship. With their delivery methodology, nimble team, and model of constant support, I’d hire them again and again, and have recommended them for other projects across the firm."

VIVIAN INYA - Executive Director, Head of Business Management | Corporate Responsibility, JP Morgan Chase



Salesforce Platform Salesforce Sales Cloud Vlocity CPQ

Need: Direct Energy, a leading energy solutions provider, sought a solution that could efficiently manage outbound selling opportunities and enhance client interactions across diverse geographies, products, and teams. The challenge was clear: to improve lead generation, sales call conversions, product selection, and overall operational efficiency. This is where CloudMasonry stepped in to offer a holistic approach to address Direct Energy’s needs.

Approach: Leveraging the Vlocity Data Model Integration, our team ensured that Vlocity-generated orders seamlessly flowed through Salesforce. We integrated Vlocity into the existing Salesforce data model, enhancing the user experience and ensuring no disruption to existing processes. In configuring Vlocity & Salesforce, we provided sales reps with an intuitive system for product selection and order creation, making their tasks simpler and more efficient. Additionally, we developed inbound and outbound sales call scripts that could adapt to different geographies, products, and teams. With the continued development of Salesforce/Vlocity, we delved into OmniScript and CPQ development. In the aspect of Online Lead Discovery/Integration, we implemented a solution to capture the details of potential customers who didn’t complete online orders. These warm leads were directed to the appropriate selling teams, facilitating their selling processes. Vlocity selling was enabled for the USN team, and we provided a file extract for the Texas sales team, enhancing their productivity.

Outcome: In summary, CloudMasonry’s collaboration with Direct Energy has not only streamlined their sales processes but has also opened up new revenue streams and provided a solid foundation for future growth. By integrating Salesforce and Vlocity, we’ve empowered Direct Energy to optimize lead generation, improve sales conversions, and provide an unparalleled user experience.

Duration: 12 Months

"Outcome focused with deep technical fluency, partnering with CloudMasonry has been integral to our success"

ANNIE GIBBONS - Senior Manager & CSPO | Direct Energy

Millennium Trust

Millennium Trust

Salesforce Experience Cloud AWS Heroku

Need: Millennium Trust, a privately owned provider of custodian solutions for alternative assets, investment accounts, and retirement funds needed development support on their external facing customer solutions. Most of these were built leveraging the Salesforce Experience Cloud platform or a custom application built on top of PaaS tools such as AWS or Heroku, integrated with Salesforce.

Approach: As part of CloudMasonry’s engagement with Millennium Trust, we were tasked with developing and providing ongoing iterative support on three customer-facing portal products. Due to the financial and client-facing nature of these solutions, CloudMasonry needed to deliver a seamless external-facing UX that also integrated tightly from a back-end processing perspective with outside financial institutions and systems. We collaborated with Millennium Trust on a governance structure and leveraged their existing Jira environment to track the entire DevOps process to accomplish this development effort.

Outcome: CloudMasonry had regularly cadenced program-level discussions with Millennium Trust, ensuring no overlap or misalignment on code was being developed across the organization and remained apprised on all other Salesforce development initiatives running concurrently. Through this process, Millennium Trust developed significant trust in CloudMasonry’s ability and asked us to support a strategic initiative during Q4 of 2021 to migrate their DevOps process off of Jira and into ADO.

Duration: 24+ Months

"It was their working style. the collaboration between our developers was great, and communication was clear. Overall, they were very easy to work with"

MARIA TACADENA - AVP, Sr. Project Manager/Scrum Master, Millennium Trust Company

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Languages: English

International: United States, United Kingdom

United States: California, Illinois, Indiana, Maryland