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Let us help you reimagine your customer journey

Highlights Multi year experience in Manufacturing and Professional Service industries within the Malaysia and South East Asia.

Proven methodology to help customers achieve 10x improvements in digital revenue We focus on helping businesses looking into next stage revenue growth by scaling with automation

Description We are a team of software professionals with over 40 years in combined international project experience. We have worked with Fortune 500 companies as well as SMEs to achieve business goals with technologies + the right processes.

Tentspark focuses on three key pillars of digital transformationCustomer Relationship ManagementWe guide and train clients to use the correct practices, strategies and technologies to improve profitability

Marketing AutomationWe offer solution for you to target the right audience and market to them on multiple channels online such as web, social and email.Mobile and Cloud enablementWe help businesses scale faster with our tailored made cloud based software solutions.

Why us?
We have helped new generations of business leaders to transformed their startups or their family business by finding blue ocean strategies. We have clients who transformed from B2C to B2B business and triple grew their numbers! We have helped clients moved to new market out of the Asia region.

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Pardot Specialist

1 x Pardot Specialist

Certified Pardot Consultant

1 x Certified Pardot Consultant

Certified Sales Consultant

1 x Certified Sales Consultant

Certified Service Consultant

1 x Certified Service Consultant

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1 x Certified Administrator

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Languages: English, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese

International: Malaysia

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