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The technological bridge between business and results.

Highlights We were founded in 2012 with the purpose of - through technology - reducing the distance between the established objectives and the results achieved by our customers. We develop solutions with an emphasis on leads management, sales automation, customer service and support, mobile applications and portals, as well as the creation and automation of 1:1 customer journeys through multi-channels. Since 2014 we became strategic partners of Salesforce in Brazil with an outstanding performance in the Manufacturing segment. We achieved quickly a level of excellence and recognition in this ecosystem through local, regional and global projects. Description In addition of consulting, development of mobile application and cloud computing portals and deployment of customized solutions in digital marketing, we have a complete portfolio of ready-to-go services and products to quickly insert your company in the best practices of the CRM world:[ kolekto oem ] [ kolekto leads ] [ kolekto dealer ][ kolekto support ] [ kolekto bot ] [ kolekto hackforce ]

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# Certifications (70)

Certified Administrator

22 x Certified Administrator

Platform Developer 1 Certifications

10 x Platform Developer 1 Certifications

Certified Service Consultant

10 x Certified Service Consultant

Community Cloud Consultant

8 x Community Cloud Consultant

App Builder

6 x App Builder

Certified Sales Consultant

6 x Certified Sales Consultant

Marketing Cloud Email Specialist

4 x Marketing Cloud Email Specialist

Marketing Cloud Consultant

1 x Marketing Cloud Consultant

Certified Application Architect

1 x Certified Application Architect

Sharing and Visibility Designer

1 x Sharing and Visibility Designer

Data Architecture and Management Specialist

1 x Data Architecture and Management Specialist

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# Geographic Focus

Languages: English, French, Portuguese, Spanish

International: Brazil, Chile

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Consultoria em CRM, Customização e Suporte

Somos especializados na implantação de soluções de CRM com destaque na Automatização da Força de Vendas, Atendimento à Clientes, Jornadas de Marketing e implantação de comunidades. Desenvolvemos aplicações sob medida integradas a plataforma Salesforce.

Certified Professionals: 18

AppExhange Reviews: 22

AppExhange Rating: 4.7

International: Brazil

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Strategic technology & creative force

Hikko is the art of moving forward. We articulate strategic technology and creative force to provide services, products, and ideas to scale organizations in the US and Latam while creating meaningful impact. 10 years of Salesforce experience combined with 10 years of CX automation product development, at your service.

Certified Professionals: 41

AppExhange Reviews: 20

AppExhange Rating: 4.9

International: 7 Countries

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Global Digital Transformation Partner

With a Salesforce practice of over 400 specialists spread across 31 global locations, we are multi-cloud strategists, consultants, and implementation experts, proud winners of 2019 Partner Innovation Award for Customer 360 & 2018 Bolty Award for Retail.

Certified Professionals: 1015

AppExhange Reviews: 247

AppExhange Rating: 4.8

International: 22 Countries

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Innovation! We don't deliver projects. We deliver full solutions!

We are a leading provider in implementing full-service (all clouds) solutions. From sales process automation, customer service management until custom applications (Force.com & Heroku) and the brand new Analytics and IoT Clouds.

Certified Professionals: 244

AppExhange Reviews: 73

AppExhange Rating: 4.7

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More than 16 years of experience in CRM market; Certified consultants.

Harpia Cloud offers consultancy and project implementation in CRM Market (Sales, Service and Marketing Cloud). With a strong knowledge on the Force.com platform, we focus in the best solutions for our clients.

Certified Professionals: 68

AppExhange Reviews: 4

AppExhange Rating: 4.8

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