Salesforce Partner Since 2007 (started in Turkey - now in UK, UAE, Germany)

Our mission is helping people and companies to work more effectively and efficiently by providing intelligent technology solutions.

We provide customer-centric digital transformation consulting together with the complete code development, enabling you to maximize the use of the cloud-based platform. Using Salesforce’s native features and following the agile project development methodology, step-by-step we share the project progress throughout the entire process.

Mobile is transforming how customers, partners, and employees interact with your business. Each expects seamless experiences on the device of their choice. We can help you rebuild your core business processes with mobile to discover new opportunities for engagement, growth, and productivity.

The implementation of cloud applications is only the beginning of the business transformation. To maximize long-term company value you need to drive ongoing innovation that engages your employees and customers. Unlike traditional software companies, we provide a proactive approach and ongoing premium support to our clients. We know and accept the adoption challenges of any CRM project. WE HELP YOU INCREASE ADOPTION to CRM!

INspark’s name comes from our characteristics. Our consulting and development services are; -INtelligent- INnovative- INternational- INdependent- INtegrated- INvaluable

Languages: English, German, French, Dutch, Turkish

Our team certifications are;- App Architect- Sales Cloud- Service Cloud- Marketing Cloud- Pardot B2B Marketing- Community Cloud- CPQ- Field Service Lightning- Developer- Administrator

INSPARK is also an IMPACT NGO PARTNER. INSPARK helps innovative companies differentiate their sales, marketing and customer service experience with cloud app development. We build solutions using Classic, Lightning Platform, Heroku,, Visualforce, Appexchange Apps and Mulesoft.

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# Focus

# Service lines


# Salesforce Expertise


# Certifications (207)

Salesforce Certified Administrator

37 x Salesforce Certified Administrator

Sales Cloud Consultant

21 x Sales Cloud Consultant

App Builder

17 x App Builder

Platform Developer I

14 x Platform Developer I

Service Cloud Consultant

10 x Service Cloud Consultant

Platform Developer II

8 x Platform Developer II

Salesforce Certified Marketing Cloud Administrator

8 x Salesforce Certified Marketing Cloud Administrator

Salesforce Certified Marketing Cloud Email Specialist

6 x Salesforce Certified Marketing Cloud Email Specialist

Marketing Cloud Consultant

6 x Marketing Cloud Consultant

Experience Cloud Consultant

6 x Experience Cloud Consultant

Indirect Sales Accredited Professional

5 x Indirect Sales Accredited Professional

Pardot Specialist

5 x Pardot Specialist

JavaScript Developer I

5 x JavaScript Developer I

Advanced Administrator

5 x Advanced Administrator

Education Cloud Consultant

4 x Education Cloud Consultant

Integration Architect

4 x Integration Architect

Salesforce Certified Associate

3 x Salesforce Certified Associate

Tableau CRM & Einstein Discovery Consultant

3 x Tableau CRM & Einstein Discovery Consultant

Nonprofit Cloud Consultant

3 x Nonprofit Cloud Consultant

CPQ Specialist

3 x CPQ Specialist

Marketing Cloud Developer

2 x Marketing Cloud Developer

Salesforce Certified Business Analyst

2 x Salesforce Certified Business Analyst

Field Service Consultant

2 x Field Service Consultant

System Architect

2 x System Architect

Sharing & Visibility Architect

2 x Sharing & Visibility Architect

Identity & Access Management Architect

2 x Identity & Access Management Architect

Heroku Architect Designer

2 x Heroku Architect Designer

Development Lifecycle & Deployment Architect

2 x Development Lifecycle & Deployment Architect

Data Architecture & Management Designer

2 x Data Architecture & Management Designer

Application Architect

2 x Application Architect

Associate Platform App Builder

2 x Associate Platform App Builder

Associate Administrator

2 x Associate Administrator

Marketing Cloud Personalization Accredited Professional

1 x Marketing Cloud Personalization Accredited Professional

Marketing Cloud Advanced Cross Channel Accredited Professional

1 x Marketing Cloud Advanced Cross Channel Accredited Professional

Loyalty Management Accredited Professional

1 x Loyalty Management Accredited Professional

Marketing Cloud Intelligence Accredited Professional

1 x Marketing Cloud Intelligence Accredited Professional

B2C Commerce Developer

1 x B2C Commerce Developer

Associate Platform Developer I

1 x Associate Platform Developer I

Salesforce Certified Strategy Designer

1 x Salesforce Certified Strategy Designer

Pardot Consultant

1 x Pardot Consultant

OmniStudio Consultant

1 x OmniStudio Consultant

Associate Einstein Consultant

1 x Associate Einstein Consultant

# Portfolio

Matillion LTD

Matillion LTD

Community Cloud Slack Integration

Community Cloud Improvement

Streamline the Customer Community Experience, Reporting, Slack Integration

"Working with INSPARK is really fascinating and really positive but more importantly INSPARK have the experience and understanding of what we do."

Nick Sayce - Director of Community

API Foilmakers

API Foilmakers

Sales Cloud Web-to-lead

Marketing Cloud Enhancements

MC & Sales Cloud Connection, Web-to-lead, Newsletter & Reengagement Journeys, Proactive Marketing, Personalization

"I think all business needed a CRM system and Salesforce pretty much one of the best in the market...Working with INSPARK has been really easy. The team has been really supportive through the whole project."

Phil Clarkson - Commercial Manager



Sales Cloud

Sales Cloud Rollout

Expanding DAD UK SFDC for 3 other countries

"We started to work with them about six months ago.I have to say I've been very impressed. They knew what they were talking about, always on time. The meeting was always precise and efficient. They were very friendly and very good people to work with. But we're not into IT. We are a manufacturer here, and these guys made it easy for us to understand what was needed—brilliant people to work with."

Emmanuel Charbonnel - Export Sales Director

# Geographic Focus

Languages: Dutch, English, French, German, Arabic, Persian, Turkish

International: Germany, Ireland, Netherlands, Saudi Arabia, Spain, Turkey, United Kingdom, United States, United Arab Emirates, Jordan, Qatar, Kuwait, Bahrain, Oman, Egypt, Lebanon

United States: Georgia

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