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Industry cloud for communications, software & services and real estate

Highlights Enxoo Commerce CPQ is a heart of our industry cloud for telecommunications, software, and services. The solution offers omnichannel sales, with CPQ, E-Commerce and document generation. Properto is a digital CRM package for residential property developers, which brings marketing, sales, service, and operations onto one platform to create a unified purchasing experience for consumers. Skilo is competency and performance management app for Salesforce, which empowers teams to review and develop goals, competencies, and skills they need to achieve results. Description Consulting servicesEnxoo provides digital transformation solutions based on Salesforce CRM, dedicated to selected industries: telecommunications, software, business services, and real estate. Our mission is to provide a combination of tools and consulting services that enable our customers to excel - increasing revenue, shortening sales cycles and aligning cross-department goals. It’s the foundation that will support rapid business growth.Our advantage is ready to use industry solutions, extending the standard Salesforce functionality for selected industries:- Enxoo Commerce: omnichannel commerce together with industry frameworks is a basis of our industry solutions for telecommunications, software, and services,- Properto: industry cloud sales, service, and financials management for real estate,- Skilo: performance and competency management for customer-facing teams.

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# Certifications (674)

Salesforce Certified Administrator

92 x Salesforce Certified Administrator

Salesforce Certified Associate

80 x Salesforce Certified Associate

Platform Developer I

79 x Platform Developer I

OmniStudio Consultant

59 x OmniStudio Consultant

App Builder

52 x App Builder

OmniStudio Developer

31 x OmniStudio Developer

Salesforce Certified Business Analyst

26 x Salesforce Certified Business Analyst

Sales Cloud Consultant

25 x Sales Cloud Consultant

Industries CPQ Developer

23 x Industries CPQ Developer

Sharing & Visibility Architect

23 x Sharing & Visibility Architect

Data Architecture & Management Designer

22 x Data Architecture & Management Designer

JavaScript Developer I

21 x JavaScript Developer I

Application Architect

18 x Application Architect

Service Cloud Consultant

14 x Service Cloud Consultant

Platform Developer II

10 x Platform Developer II

Salesforce Certified Marketing Cloud Email Specialist

9 x Salesforce Certified Marketing Cloud Email Specialist

Experience Cloud Consultant

9 x Experience Cloud Consultant

Development Lifecycle & Deployment Architect

9 x Development Lifecycle & Deployment Architect

Integration Architect

8 x Integration Architect

Salesforce Certified Marketing Cloud Administrator

8 x Salesforce Certified Marketing Cloud Administrator

Pardot Specialist

6 x Pardot Specialist

Associate Platform Developer I

6 x Associate Platform Developer I

Identity & Access Management Architect

5 x Identity & Access Management Architect

Advanced Administrator

5 x Advanced Administrator

System Architect

4 x System Architect

CPQ Specialist

4 x CPQ Specialist

Marketing Cloud Developer

3 x Marketing Cloud Developer

Marketing Cloud Consultant

3 x Marketing Cloud Consultant

Associate Administrator

3 x Associate Administrator

Marketing Cloud Personalization Accredited Professional

2 x Marketing Cloud Personalization Accredited Professional

Communications Cloud Accredited Professional

2 x Communications Cloud Accredited Professional

User Experience Designer

2 x User Experience Designer

Field Service Consultant

2 x Field Service Consultant

Security & Privacy Accredited Professional

1 x Security & Privacy Accredited Professional

Revenue Cloud Consultant Accredited Professional

1 x Revenue Cloud Consultant Accredited Professional

Process Automation Accredited Professional

1 x Process Automation Accredited Professional

Marketing Cloud Advanced Cross Channel Accredited Professional

1 x Marketing Cloud Advanced Cross Channel Accredited Professional

Salesforce Certified Strategy Designer

1 x Salesforce Certified Strategy Designer

Tableau CRM & Einstein Discovery Consultant

1 x Tableau CRM & Einstein Discovery Consultant

Pardot Consultant

1 x Pardot Consultant

B2B Solution Architect

1 x B2B Solution Architect

Associate Billing Specialist

1 x Associate Billing Specialist

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# Geographic Focus

Languages: English, French, German, Russian, Swedish

International: Belgium, Czech Republic, Germany, Hungary, Lithuania, Malta, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Slovakia, Sweden, United Arab Emirates, United States

United States: New Jersey

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