Salesforce Commerce Cloud Consulting

DemandPDX helps you take your business to the next level, increase conversion rates, grow internationally, and drive your business with mobile, responsive and scalable solutions on the Salesforce Commerce Cloud platform.

We provide end-to-end application services – from designing and implementing your storefront to integrating all of the latest Commerce Cloud Integration Cartridges. The reality is that companies with first-generation eCommerce solutions built with a myriad of legacy product solutions, as well as those with no eCommerce presence at all are finding they must implement a robust, fully integrated eCommerce presence to remain competitive. And that means eCommerce businesses face mounting pressure to attract new customers, convert browsers into buyers, increase the size of each transaction, and retain customer loyalty. Are you taking the necessary actions to thrive in this environment? Or are you barely keeping up?

Need some direction on how to take your Commerce Cloud site to the next level? Our experts will ensure you have the answers and guidance necessary to navigate the complex decisions that come along with building and maintaining a Commerce Cloud site.

Your customers demand more from their online shopping experience these days. Our digital designers create beautiful, user-friendly designs. Concepting, wireframes, and interactive prototypes are just a few of the areas where DemandPDX can help. Where the rubber meets the road. Our engineers deliver elegant solutions to complex problems. We pride ourselves on creating clean, well documented, and easily maintainable solutions for all of your Commerce Cloud needs.

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Key clients: CPO, Cleveland Golf, Lucy, Kelly Wearstler, Life is Good, Icebreaker, Leatherman

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Languages: English

International: United States, Canada

United States: California, Florida, Michigan, Oregon, Texas, Washington

Canada: British Columbia

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