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Highlights Interactive service at a Design, Execution and Measurement levelIncreasing profitability, satisfaction and customer relationshipReliable and efficient outsourcing serviceEasily integrated and scalable platformOptimization with Machine Learning Achieve a better user experience, lowering operative costs, increasing sales and margins.Microservices:Business Case Consulting, Campaign Definition, CRM Management, Segmentation, Journey Design, Creativities, Priorization, Saturation Control, Simulation, Planning and Scheduling, Loyalty Program Management, Messaging, Dispatcher, Personalized Control Panels, Incident Management, Metrics (KPIs), Redemption Calculations, Data Analysis, Machine Learning, Optimization and New Simulations Description Cognospace is the combination of agile technologies, CRM and marketing automation tools offered in a managed services form, in a way that optimizes the complicated life cycle of a commercial journey, aligning business objectives with the generation and communication of content that’s more relevant in time, channel and context, all in all, to achieve a better user experience, lowering operative costs while increasing sales and margins.1. Business objectives – Customer profitability. Different sectors andcompany sizes2. Marketing Automation - Interactive service at a design, executionand measurement/analytics level3. Outsourcing - Maximum quality with Service Level Agreements (SLAs). Legal Regulations Fulfillment4. Software as a Service platform - Adaptable, scalable and easy to integrate with other solutions 5. Machine learning - Optimization and Improvement

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