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Cloud Mentor is a leading business-to-business IT and Cloud services company based in Allentown, Pennsylvania. We focalize in being a salesforce expert and helping businesses navigate the world of cloud computing and management through our consulting and programming services.

As a service-oriented organization, we hold a wealth of industry experience and knowledge in SaaS and project management including implementations and integrations of Salesforce, Accounting Seed®, and Advologix. We have served over a hundred clients from across the world and we take pride in our individualized approach tailored towards each client in order to successfully help them leverage cloud-based software to expand their businesses.

We foster innovation and efficiency in our solutions and also take calculated steps to ensure that our service is compatible with you and your company as well as for any of your unique needs.

Our team consists not only of highly skilled and experienced Salesforce experts but also of exceptional project managers, problem solvers, and leaders that are all set to take your business to the next level.

Cloud Mentor consultants primarily prioritize on client satisfaction and their return on investments in projects and services. We have streamlined our service to fully cater to every individual client and their needs. Based on years of clientele work and experience, we have formulated an improved Agile project management method.

Using this, we’ve mastered problem-solving and SaaS implementation processes to ensure that all our work is completed in an efficient manner. Our method begins with an organization, an appropriate division of work, maintaining a fluid channel of communication with our client, and firmly setting a goal to accomplish. Everything is done in accordance with the time and cost put forward by the client

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# Focus

# Service lines

# Salesforce Expertise


# Certifications (58)

Salesforce Certified Administrator

14 x Salesforce Certified Administrator

Platform Developer I

10 x Platform Developer I

App Builder

9 x App Builder

Salesforce Certified Associate

7 x Salesforce Certified Associate

Advanced Administrator

4 x Advanced Administrator

Sales Cloud Consultant

3 x Sales Cloud Consultant

Platform Developer II

2 x Platform Developer II

Service Cloud Consultant

2 x Service Cloud Consultant

Experience Cloud Consultant

1 x Experience Cloud Consultant

Certified AI Associate

1 x Certified AI Associate

Sharing & Visibility Architect

1 x Sharing & Visibility Architect

Data Architecture & Management Designer

1 x Data Architecture & Management Designer

Application Architect

1 x Application Architect

Associate Platform App Builder

1 x Associate Platform App Builder

Associate Administrator

1 x Associate Administrator

# Portfolio

Key clients: The Rosen Law Firm, Listen Clear, All Energy, Vanguard, Comcast

# Geographic Focus

Languages: English

International: India, United States, Canada

United States: Florida, Michigan, Pennsylvania, Virginia

Canada: Ontario

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Salesforce Value Delivered

CloudMasonry is a full-service and the leading provider of Salesforce consulting services for organizations both large and small across the US. The consulting company leverages its experience with cloud-based systems to help companies discover more significant value in their Salesforce investments. With their extensive experience across major industries, they have combined deep enterprise consulting experience with their collaborative approach to project delivery.

Client feedback from AppexChange:
“CloudMasonry was extremely easy to work with and very knowledgeable. They worked within our budget restrictions and offered as much follow-up support as we needed. I would highly recommend them.”

Certified Professionals: 45

AppExhange Reviews: 20

AppExhange Rating: 4.9

International: 2 Countries

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The Marketing and Sales Operations Experts

As a Salesforce Summit Partner, we understand the technology that fuels your Revenue Operations from end-to-end. Security is our top priority, so we are independently audited and SOC 2 Type II compliant, servicing clients across North America.

Certified Professionals: 53

AppExhange Reviews: 69

AppExhange Rating: 4.9

International: 2 Countries

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