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Our solutions adapt to the distinct nature of your business. Led by your organizational knowledge, we build solutions that are designed around the requirements of your operations, staff, and clients and translated into Salesforce best practices – solutions that are truly transformational by improving internal and external communications, enhancing performance and supporting the overall growth of your company.

Accompanying startups in their journey toward consolidated growth and increased outreach is what we are all about. And being able to take part in that transformational journey makes us, quite simply, happy.

BKONECT’s own journey started in 2016. Since then we have served clients operating in many different sectors and of different scales, from not-for-profit organizations rooted in local communities to high tech companies of global reach, each with its own unique set of business objectives, operational requirements, and organizational structure.

  • Our team of Salesforce professionals design and create customer and employee experiences that result in increased engagement, efficiency, revenue, and productivity
  • Our case studies and customer ratings talk for themselves. We use proven methods for leading organizations through the cultural impact of the Salesforce transformation while keeping their customers in the center of everything
  • We are service-oriented certified professionals that believe in transparency, quality, and customer success. That’s why we offer our customers full access to our system where they can monitor progress, resources, budget, and timeline.
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Key clients: Frank, Scope Technologies, Federation CJA, Outbrain, StrataSys, Telit, Yotpo

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Languages: English, French, Portuguese, Spanish

International: United States, Canada

United States: Florida, New York

Canada: Ontario, Quebec

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