The Demand for Salesforce Developers in 2022

In the 20 years since it’s been around, Salesforce has become one of the leading CRM tools in the industry. The influence of this San Francisco-based startup has only become even more prevalent as more customers become available to reach online. As a result, 90% of respondents in a recent survey rated Salesforce essential to their business growth. A further 93% wish to adopt it within the following year.

With this trend only continuing to grow, the demand for Salesforce developers is skyrocketing. Below, we discuss a few factors driving this demand, including why you may want to hire a Salesforce developer for your projects.

A growing job market

One simple reason for growing Salesforce developer demand is that more businesses are now using Salesforce. In part, this is because it’s an all-in-one SaaS solution. With Salesforce, companies can do everything from understanding and connecting with customers to enhancing the customer experience and analyzing the success of all customer-related initiatives. It does so with cloud-based technology, making its services accessible, quicker to deploy, and easily scalable. The additional implementation of AI allows for streamlined processes via automation, further putting speed and accuracy within their clients’ reach. With Salesforce acting as a one-stop-shop for all a business’s CRM needs, it’s no wonder that more organizations are taking it on — and more Salesforce developers are needed as a result.

Relevant skills

Salesforce developers are also highly sought after due to their skills’ value to the table. As trained software developers, their analyses of user behavior and network tests help organizations reap the most benefits from their Salesforce software. Additional programming, problem-solving, logic, and communication skills give them a good understanding of Salesforce software design, practical debugging knowledge, and the capability to find the most effective and sustainable solutions and work seamlessly with a team. Finally, certifications in relevant Salesforce fields and platform development further make the Salesforce developer a perfect fit for any organization looking to get the most ROI from their Salesforce investments.

Benefits to CRM

With the right Salesforce developer on their team, organizations gain many advantages in the CRM department. They go beyond giving companies the ability to develop new platforms such as smartphone applications. They also facilitate a faster application development cycle while reducing infrastructure costs. We’ve also mentioned that Salesforce’s cloud-based nature — its cost-effectiveness, security, reliability, scalability, automation capabilities, and multiple highly-accessible features — makes it especially friendly for small businesses. Salesforce helps companies break even on their development investments within seven months. An independent IDC study from 2020 titled The Business Value of Salesforce Platform for Application Development even found that this has helped clients realize a 5-year ROI of over 508% — so it’s no wonder that the demand for Salesforce Developers is on the rise.

Agility for trend adoption

The adaptiveness of Salesforce developers is arguably one of the major factors driving their demand. In today’s Digital Age, industries are continually being shaped by the emergence of technology trends like AI, automation, Big Data analytics, the Internet of Things, cryptocurrency, and the metaverse. Due to their educational and professional background, Salesforce developers are intimately familiar with how these technologies run — allowing companies like yours to adapt to industry trends as they happen quickly. This agility to swiftly confirm market shifts provides a straightforward response to customers’ changing needs and wants, further driving business growth.

By complementing and boosting the advantages of Salesforce software, it’s no surprise that the demand for Salesforce developers is rising this year. With the possibilities of increased ROI and added capabilities they offer, one can expect these developers to prove their value to any organization multiple times over.


By complementing and boosting the advantages provided by Salesforce software, it’s no surprise that the demand for Salesforce developers is rising this year. They offer extensive knowledge of software development and an uncanny ability to adapt to emerging industry trends — all at a time when Salesforce has practically perfected its CRM platform.

Salesforce developers are thus a vital key to unlocking the increased ROI that comes with maximizing the Salesforce software. Therefore, one can expect these developers to prove their value to any organization multiple times over.