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Adoption & Training
We work throughout the process to tailor the Salesforce experience to your organization. We will work to train your staff either in-person or online on the best practices and craft training materials based on YOUR users and their unique needs. Not everyone learns the same and we understand that. We have a proven track record in user adoption and look forward to making your staff superstars.

Systems Integration/Migration
The CRM Firm specializes in integrating/migrating even the most difficult data. We have experience integrating with many ERP systems and have migrated data out of most CRM systems. Leverage our proven track record to provide an end to end solution for you and your teams. Depending on your unique requirements we may use SQL Server Integration services (SSIS), APIs, or other solutions available on the AppExchange.
Our support is an ongoing relationship. Your business is constantly changing and the technology solutions available are always evolving. We keep the dialog open to make sure the solution you invested in is still meeting your needs and that your team is leveraging all of the great new features from Salesforce.

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  • The CRM Firm, Inc.
  • The CRM Firm, Inc.

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