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Rosedale helps your program perform to its highest potential. With CRM at the heart of successful digital marketing, we build high-performing programs that are uniquely designed and built for each client we work with.

  • WE TREAT EVERY DAY LIKE DAY 1: Even after 18 years we still take time to understand our client’s goals, needs, and opportunities to develop a thoughtful, meaningful and measurable action plan.
  • WORK SMARTER, NOT HARDER: The Internet runs 24 hours a day and your marketing should too. We design, build and launch automated programs so you can Set it and Forget it.
  • THE RESULTS ARE IN…: The digital world is awash in marketing data and Rosedale has the experience to know what metrics matter, what targets to shoot for, and how to maximize your marketing budget.
  • SOUP TO NUTS: We design and code emails that exceed all expectations. Every campaign we launch is mobile-enabled, so you know it looks great no matter what screen your customer uses.

Our Services:

  • Digital Marketing Strategy
  • Marketing Cloud Implementation
  • Journey and Automation Building
  • Connecting Clouds
  • Data Automation, Analysis, and Reporting
  • Creative / Coding / Web-Page Development

We’re small, and each customer feels like they’re our one and only. We don’t take every opportunity that comes our way - we only work with customers when we know we can help them win. We don’t sell for the sake of selling! Unlike the big consultants/agencies, we don’t bring in our “big guns” to sell a project and then funnel work to the junior employees.

We bring our best, and you’ll work with the best. Guaranteed.

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Key clients: Recipe Unlimited, Moneris, Lowe's Companies Canada, Sporting Life Group

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Languages: English

International: Canada

Canada: Ontario

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