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Your customers are more than just faceless pieces of data. They’re human beings. In fact, they’re people with unique views and tastes and lives. That’s why at Relation1, we’ve built our success in personalized marketing on a simple principle that in today’s competitive retail world, it takes more than just getting the name right.

To reach your customers in the most effective way, we develop strategic paths that are driven by data science and customer insights. Then along with next-generation solutions powered by artificial intelligence, we execute effective marketing programs that never forget your business and sales goals.

We’re people who use technology and human thinking to reach the hearts and minds of your customers. In the most personal way possible.

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Key clients: Jean Coutu, Vega, Virgin, Metro, Canac, Aeroplan, Ardene, Bell

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Languages: English, French

International: Canada

Canada: British Columbia, Ontario, Quebec

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