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Highlights We team up with people and organizations working together in shaping a tangible future made of human-friendly technology, seamless experience, and agile thinking, as only an Openmind could make. STRATEGYEndless customer experience, smart business organization, easy technology are the key-components of any Digital Transformation.We deliver the sum of the three in an integrated, organic fashion. EXPERIENCEDesign is channeling a great vision through an efficient method.We tune your highest business aims into our fluid, multidisciplinary approachto build the success of your own. Description TECHNOLOGYWe are sensitive about any tech suite that works good.We envision technology as the enabling part of any strategic framework, and we deliver integrated solutions designed on the needs of every single case.DIGITAL TRANSFORMATIONWe partner brands in the process of such a foundational change. We help them in rethinking their organization, processes, and technology in order to drive value to customers as well as radically change their business attitude.OMNICHANNEL PRESENCEWe help brands to get through the never-ending cycle of experience, with a clear vision of their own ecosystem as a whole.USER EXPERIENCE DESIGNWe design a fluid, effective and engaging User Experience in an agile fashion, untangling any complex technology.CONTENT MANAGEMENT & eCOMMERCEWe select and deliver technologies enabling and supporting brands’ content lifecycle aimed to deliver a hyper-targeted experience across any channel.

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Commerce Cloud - Digital Developer

10 x Commerce Cloud - Digital Developer

Marketing Cloud Email Specialist

4 x Marketing Cloud Email Specialist

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Languages: English, Italian

International: Italy

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Accenture is the #1 Salesforce global strategic partner and one of the world’s leading consultancy companies. They work with 91 Fortune Global 100 companies and have received various recognitions from being a global leader, great employer, and corporate citizen. To date, they have more than 624K employees and are available in 200 locations globally. As a company, they are focusing on adding value to their customers from a 360 perspective.

Certified Professionals: 24171

AppExhange Reviews: 25

AppExhange Rating: 4.6

International: 60 Countries

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People Matter, Results Count

Capgemini has been recognized as one of the Salesforce global strategic consulting partners for over ten years and has received multiple Salesforce Innovation Awards. Their strengths are focused on thought-leading transformational solutions to various sectors globally. With acquisitions of Itelios, LiquidHub, and Lyons Consulting Group (LYONSCG), the consulting company has a robust global network of over 2,500 certified Salesforce and cloud experts. This has dramatically enhanced their capabilities and solutions to meet their clients’ digital customer experience needs globally, accelerating innovation and competitiveness.

Certified Professionals: 8652

AppExhange Reviews: 31

AppExhange Rating: 4.7

International: 32 Countries

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Growing Technology

Skylabs is a Systems Integrator which offers technological services and consultancy to improve processes and increase company sales. We support businesses, accelerating and simplifying internal activity management and developing innovative technology.

Certified Professionals: 49

AppExhange Reviews: 29

AppExhange Rating: 5

International: Italy

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We humanize the digital relationship with your customers

Based on data & customer insights we help our clients drive measurable results by building better customer relationships. We orchestrate customer experiences across all of the company’s touchpoints. Data & analytics provides efficiency through automation

Certified Professionals: 31

AppExhange Reviews: n/a

AppExhange Rating: n/a

International: 20 Countries

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Cloud2b - Consulting Services

Experience: 12 years- Business Process Review- Functional-Technical Blue Print - Salesforce Config&Dev- Integration

Certified Professionals: 12

AppExhange Reviews: 6

AppExhange Rating: 4.8

International: 4 Countries

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