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Build real-time analytics on your Salesforce data.


Highlights Our Digital Product Engineering team will help you Innovate, Optimize and Transform your business. We are thought leaders in the emerging technologies space, including Blockchain, AI and Machine Learningbacked by various assets and projects We are Making Blockchain Easy through Design Thinking, Development of Business Network, Smart Contracts, and DApps Description OFS has more than 20 years of expertise in developing digital product engineering solutions with a global footprint of 1000 engineers we assist your company to create value through innovationOFS has a deep heritage of building commercial products for software vendors, which has given us the insight and experience to create impactful software for any business.OFS teams support the entire life cycle of your software product development, maintenance, quality assurance testing, and support for your critical digital transformation initiatives.Here are ways we can help you drive business:• Digitally transform your products, services & operations• Increase revenues & penetrate new markets• Improve your UX & increase engagement• Accelerate your time-to-market• Build customer loyalty• Through Cloud Computing and Intelligent Automation

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International: India

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Salesforce: End-to-End Implementation, Integrations & ConsultingTechnology Focus: Enterprise Cloud Solutions & Mobility100+ consultants India (Delivery Center) and 40+ consultants in USExcelencia offers simple solutions to complex enterprise issues

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Helping social impact organizations deliver better results

Vera Solutions is a Certified B Corporation® providing cloud and mobile solutions that help social sector organizations better track their impact, streamline their operations, and create feedback loops that put data in the hands of those who need it.

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Our business transformation experts help you modernize your business model and enhance the way you work on the world’s most strategic digital platforms so you can deliver exceptional experiences across every stage of the customer lifecycle.

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Never Miss a Message with Communicat-O

Communicat-O make technology works for you! It integrates not only WhatsApp with Salesforce, but it also integrates all the multi-channels like Facebook, telegram, twitter, hike, etc at one place in your existing Salesforce CRM. Introduce self-service options by automating your communication on WhatsApp with the help of chat bots. Reduce costs and increase agent productivity.

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Over 500+ Satisfied Clients | 2 Salesforce Partner Innovation Awards

Wave6 focuses exclusively on helping clients leverage the full suite of Salesforce solutions to drive efficient business processes and impeccable customer experiences. To Expand, Optimize and Manage Salesforce with a proven, trusted team of experts.

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