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Our winning team contains Sales Cloud consultants, Service Cloud Consultants, Salesforce Admins, and Developers.

We have specific expertise in:

  • Heroku
  • Steelbrick
  • Zuora
  • Custom CPQ
  • SAP Integrations
  • Contract Management/Billing
  • HR
  • Lightning
  • Apex
  • Call center integrations
  • Mobile Applications

We are an official GOLD Consulting partner of Salesforce, focusing on Salesforce Implementation, Customization, Application Integration, Custom Application Development, and Support. We have Salesforce experience with over 40 clients and over 150 realized projects in various industries such as Logistics & Distribution, Insurance & Banking, Energy trading & Manufacturing, and IT & Professional services.

We have a global reach with our offices in Switzerland, the United Kingdom, and USA and competency centers in Bulgaria and Romania. Our Salesforce Competency Center is 50 people - certified admins, consultants, developers, and architects.

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    +1-858-251-4622 / +359 2 865 8436
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# Service lines


# Salesforce Expertise


# Certifications (79)

# Portfolio

Key clients: Atos, Metro, Fadata, Dilcom, Mr. Bricolage, JobTiger, Transpress, Rehau, Etem, Fortuna, Vistra, R&D Services, Praktis, Omnicar, Gopet Trans, Profilink, Speedy, Telus, Kalinel, Tesy, Ted, Rollplast, Kamax

# Geographic Focus

Languages: English, German, Russian

International: Belgium, Bulgaria, Greece, Romania, United Kingdom, United States

United States: New Hampshire

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