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Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, Pardot, Cloud-Based Support, and Lightning

Highlights 13+ yrs experience in Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, and Pardot Implementation, Customization, Development, Data Migration, Integration, Help, Setup & Support to maximize ROI. We are cognizant of your budget and provide quick estimates without fluff. Our Salesforce consultants and devs have the technical acumen and business insight to configure Sales, Service, Marketing, & Community Cloud, FSC, Pardot & the Platform efficiently. Whatever your budget and turn-around requirements, we can support you. Experienced with data migration and integration between dozens of APIs and web services. We implement and help support with Sales, Service, Pardot, Commerce, and Marketing Cloud. We also provide training at our Los Angeles offices, onsite, or remotely.

Description As the longest-serving Silver implementation partner in Southern California, MK Partners provides Pardot, Marketing, Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, Community & Financial Services Cloud implementation consulting and development. We’ve helped 1000+ clients over 13+ years to improve Sales with Sales Cloud, gain efficiency with Service Cloud, and much more with custom creations. We use best practices in configuration, Apex, Lightning, automation, integration, mobile app development and much more.We’ve built integrations with major cloud services such as, Google, SQL, Microsoft and more.At MK Partners, we strive to make your implementation easy. We don’t subcontract, outsource, or offshore! We take full responsibility (and credit) for our work and ensure the highest standards.All our employees are based in California, but we provide implementation and development for customers throughout North America including: Austin, Chicago, Dallas, Denver, Houston, Los Angeles, Orange County, Oakland, Portland, Sacramento, San Diego, San Jose, San Francisco, Seattle, Toronto, and more.We are certified on Sales Cloud, Service, Pardot, Communities, CPQ and more.

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# Service lines


# Salesforce Expertise


# Certifications (88)

App Builder

14 x App Builder

Salesforce Certified Administrator

13 x Salesforce Certified Administrator

Sales Cloud Consultant

8 x Sales Cloud Consultant

Platform Developer I

6 x Platform Developer I

Service Cloud Consultant

6 x Service Cloud Consultant

Sharing & Visibility Architect

3 x Sharing & Visibility Architect

Data Architecture & Management Designer

3 x Data Architecture & Management Designer

Application Architect

3 x Application Architect

Salesforce Certified Associate

2 x Salesforce Certified Associate

Pardot Specialist

2 x Pardot Specialist

Platform Developer II

2 x Platform Developer II

JavaScript Developer I

2 x JavaScript Developer I

Salesforce Certified Business Analyst

2 x Salesforce Certified Business Analyst

Experience Cloud Consultant

2 x Experience Cloud Consultant

Integration Architect

2 x Integration Architect

Development Lifecycle & Deployment Architect

2 x Development Lifecycle & Deployment Architect

Advanced Administrator

2 x Advanced Administrator

Net Zero Cloud Accredited Professional

1 x Net Zero Cloud Accredited Professional

Salesforce Certified Sales Representative

1 x Salesforce Certified Sales Representative

Salesforce Certified Marketing Cloud Email Specialist

1 x Salesforce Certified Marketing Cloud Email Specialist

Associate Platform Developer I

1 x Associate Platform Developer I

User Experience Designer

1 x User Experience Designer

Salesforce Certified Strategy Designer

1 x Salesforce Certified Strategy Designer

Pardot Consultant

1 x Pardot Consultant

Nonprofit Cloud Consultant

1 x Nonprofit Cloud Consultant

Field Service Consultant

1 x Field Service Consultant

Associate Einstein Consultant

1 x Associate Einstein Consultant

System Architect

1 x System Architect

Identity & Access Management Architect

1 x Identity & Access Management Architect

Associate Platform App Builder

1 x Associate Platform App Builder

Associate Administrator

1 x Associate Administrator

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Key clients:

# Geographic Focus

Languages: English, French, Spanish

International: India, United Kingdom, United States

United States: Arizona, California, Colorado, Florida, Georgia, Hawaii, Idaho, Illinois, Louisiana, Maryland, Nevada, New Mexico, New York, Ohio, Oklahoma, Oregon, South Dakota, Tennessee, Texas, Utah, Virginia, Washington, Wisconsin

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Salesforce Value Delivered

CloudMasonry is a full-service and the leading provider of Salesforce consulting services for organizations both large and small across the US. The consulting company leverages its experience with cloud-based systems to help companies discover more significant value in their Salesforce investments. With their extensive experience across major industries, they have combined deep enterprise consulting experience with their collaborative approach to project delivery.

Client feedback from AppexChange:
“CloudMasonry was extremely easy to work with and very knowledgeable. They worked within our budget restrictions and offered as much follow-up support as we needed. I would highly recommend them.”

Certified Professionals: 46

AppExhange Reviews: 19

AppExhange Rating: 4.9

International: 2 Countries

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Cloud Galacticos

Cloud Galacticos


Helping businesses succeed with Salesforce for over 15 years

Cloud Galacticos are a team of Salesforce superstars that have been helping businesses succeed with Salesforce for over 15 years. With an experienced team of developers, consultants and architects we can’t wait to help you on your journey with Salesforce

Certified Professionals: 16

AppExhange Reviews: 113

AppExhange Rating: 4.9

International: 2 Countries

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