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Highlights Infoglen has a team of highly-qualified, multi-certified Salesforce consultants specializing in bringing the power of the Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, Communities, and Marketing Cloud platforms to work for your business. Our goal is to get your company up and running quickly and efficiently and get you started with basic customization, training, and focusing on the most used features. Our Expert Architects will rethink, redesign and implement Salesforce by effective usage of platform coupled with native applications, improved data modeling, and optimizing your business process through customization of the UI and Workflows. Description Infoglen Technologies is a Silicon Valley based global technology company specializing in delivering high quality Salesforce based CRM and Cloud services and solutions. We have laser sharp focus on Salesforce and related technologies.Our focus areas are Steelbrick CPQ, Sales Cloud, Service Cloud & Communities.We’ve done more than 30 Salesforce implementations, in the last 3 years, with a strong team of certified Salesforce professionals (architects, developers, admins)We do high quality Agile development powered by experienced people, processes and tools.

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