Database Sherpa

The wisdom of a Sherpa. The reward of your practice.

Highlights Planning the Trek - customized based on your needs Preparing the Team - equip your staff with hand-on training and resources Put the Plan into Practice - Through ongoing check-ins and interactive database building sessions, we will guide you in creating your new database

Description At Database Sherpa, a fundamental belief sits at the heart of everything we do: you can’t outsource your database karma.When your busy nonprofit needs to gather and use data, you may recognize Salesforce as a flexible and powerful way to enable your organization’s goals. While your first reaction may be to call an outside consultant to build a Salesforce database for you, this does not have to be the only path to making peace with your data. If you have the energy and interest, partnering with a Sherpa is a way to actively engage in the database process and reap unique rewards that come from your own efforts.Our Sherpas bring decades of experience to each organization. We know the path to a better database, can point out pitfalls before they become big problems, and will share good practices at every turn. Most importantly, we understand that missteps and learning are all part of the process… you’ll have the freedom to explore without the fear of “failing.”

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CloudMasonry is a full-service and the leading provider of Salesforce consulting services for organizations both large and small across the US. The consulting company leverages its experience with cloud-based systems to help companies discover more significant value in their Salesforce investments. With their extensive experience across major industries, they have combined deep enterprise consulting experience with their collaborative approach to project delivery.

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“CloudMasonry was extremely easy to work with and very knowledgeable. They worked within our budget restrictions and offered as much follow-up support as we needed. I would highly recommend them.”

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