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Highlights Whether you are standing up a new Salesforce org or extending the capabilities of your current Salesforce org through customization, integration or solution development, Cyber Group provides you with a customized solution to achieve your objectives. Cyber Group is the partner that works with you side-by-side at every turn. With our company’s proven veteran leadership and exceptional employee retention rate, clients can be sure they are guided by only the most experienced advisors. We help companies grow in unison with the ever-changing marketplace by implementing solutions with fast entry-to-market results. Description Since the customer is the most important facet of any business, implementing Salesforce and focusing on continuously improving the customer experience is essential to the success and growth of every company. Here at Cyber Group, we understand that the customer needs of our clients vary greatly from one business to another. This is why our Salesforce consultants tailor our services to the specific needs of every client we work with.

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Languages: English

International: India, United States

United States: Massachusetts, New Mexico, North Carolina, Texas

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As the new customer behaviors, enabled by mobile and social channels, push the boundaries of today’s enterprises, the solutions combined with Fluido’s expert services help companies transform their business.

Certified Professionals: 166

AppExhange Reviews: 4

AppExhange Rating: n/a

International: 13 States

Salesforce Specialists - We Define, We Spec, We Build, We Deliver

mPHATEK will drive your digital transformation journey to greater heights with our Salesforce expertise. Our developed processes and approach lie in end-to-end value creation by streamlining business processes and ensure immediate productivity.

Certified Professionals: 20

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International: 3 States

Digital Transformations Accelerated

A5 guides businesses through their Digital Transformations journey with a focus on Campaign-to-Cash. We excel in understanding business processes, goals & develop highly creative solutions. We support new implementations, app development & Pardot.

Certified Professionals: 88

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AppExhange Rating: n/a

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Harnessing salesforce robust platform...

Harnessing its robust platform, we have transformed the way small and mid- level businesses operate. Taking care of productivity to marketing to collaboration and beyond, for enterprises for a streamlined business experience

Certified Professionals: 3

AppExhange Reviews: 0

AppExhange Rating: n/a

International: India

We Believe in Building Trust, Not Just CRM.

We have total 10+ years of experience in salesforce development, configuration, Integration, and Implementation. Our main domain expertise includes CPQ, CLM, Property management, E-signature solution, HRMS, Language translation system, Pardot, etc.

Certified Professionals: 8

AppExhange Reviews: 4

AppExhange Rating: n/a

International: India