Conseil Una Buro

Less manual, more mission

We are on a mission to level the playing field. Making sure that all, regardless of size and amount of capital, have the tools to succeed - is why we wake up in the morning.

We believe in impact, action, and equality. Making a difference, moving forward, and laughing is something we cannot live without.

We work with

  • Foundations
  • Food banks
  • Shelters
  • Community organizations

We implement and customize NPSP, donations, volunteer packages. We build out any other processes you need to run your programs. Our focus is on declarative tools. What we are known for is our above-and-beyond support.

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  • Salesforce assistance and support
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  • Conseil Una Buro
  • Conseil Una Buro
  • Conseil Una Buro
  • Conseil Una Buro

# Focus

# Service lines

# Salesforce Expertise


# Certifications (28)

Salesforce Certified Administrator

5 x Salesforce Certified Administrator

Nonprofit Cloud Consultant

4 x Nonprofit Cloud Consultant

App Builder

3 x App Builder

Pardot Specialist

2 x Pardot Specialist

Platform Developer I

2 x Platform Developer I

Service Cloud Consultant

2 x Service Cloud Consultant

Sales Cloud Consultant

2 x Sales Cloud Consultant

Salesforce Certified Associate

1 x Salesforce Certified Associate

JavaScript Developer I

1 x JavaScript Developer I

Salesforce Certified Business Analyst

1 x Salesforce Certified Business Analyst

Experience Cloud Consultant

1 x Experience Cloud Consultant

Sharing & Visibility Architect

1 x Sharing & Visibility Architect

Data Architecture & Management Designer

1 x Data Architecture & Management Designer

Application Architect

1 x Application Architect

Advanced Administrator

1 x Advanced Administrator

# Portfolio

Key clients:

# Geographic Focus

Languages: English, French

International: Canada

Canada: Ontario, Quebec

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The Marketing and Sales Operations Experts

As a Salesforce Summit Partner, we understand the technology that fuels your Revenue Operations from end-to-end. Security is our top priority, so we are independently audited and SOC 2 Type II compliant, servicing clients across North America.

Certified Professionals: 53

AppExhange Reviews: 69

AppExhange Rating: 4.9

International: 2 Countries

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