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Cirrico is a business born in the cloud and based in London, that provides sales, marketing, and customer service technology solutions by working with key strategic best-in-class cloud technology partners primarily Salesforce.

Our core purpose is to contribute to our customers’ success by helping them use technology more effectively. Customers are more social, mobile and connected than ever before, we drive to empower our customers to interact and engage in innovative ways through digital transformation.

Customers are expecting more from companies than just a product - they are expecting an experience, a service. We want to help our customers envisage what they can do in the digital era, and then build it.

Our talent is key to our success - we are creative, innovative and focussed on rapidly developing agile solutions. What makes Cirrico different is the ability we have to reimagine what business will be like for our customers in the future, to help them innovate on concepts that will differentiate them and deliver to make these concepts a reality.

Cirrico drives digital transformation and creates measurable success for our customers.

  • Collaborate and work more efficiently, using the Cirrico community platform where you can access key information and conversations about what we’re working on with you, in a real-time, social environment.
  • Flexible plans, with top-up time model, from £485/month including daily data, files and metadata backup, target response times and Cirrico community access. Time is purchased separately to use under a plan.
  • Our UK based team of gurus all have Salesforce credentials, are actively involved in the Salesforce ecosystem, and are focussed on best-practices and promoting excellence in all that they do.

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Key clients: Original BTC, ECIS, Videonor, Invictus Games, Retail Merchant Service, Activity Alliance, Jigsaw, Saïd Business School, The Brit School, Association of Colleges, Services For Education, Raspberry Pi

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Languages: English, Italian, Spanish

International: Qatar, United Kingdom, United States

United States: Massachusetts

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