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Whether you have a large enterprise or a growing company, as your business grows your customer, employee, and partner needs will change. This organic change can easily hinder your everyday operations and decision making.

We understand the challenges you are facing and BitMist will take a close look at your processes and formulate a PLAN to implement, a smart and customized system that simplifies and automates your business.


  • Consulting,
  • Design & Planning,
  • Implementation,
  • Migration,
  • Support


  • Salesforce Sales Cloud,
  • Salesforce Service Cloud,
  • Salesforce Marketing Cloud (Pardot),
  • Microsoft Office 365,
  • Microsoft Azure

Commitment: Our process is centered on client success. Our job is done when your business sees a positive impact.

Customer Success: Our process is centered on client success. Our job is done when your business sees a positive impact.

Communication: We maintain personal communication with our clients. Open and transparent communication builds trust and success.

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Key clients: Publishdrive, Marton, Zone, Body, techPeople, Grape Solutions, Lightware, Shoprenter, Ultinous, Mediso, Simplepay

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Languages: Dutch, English, German

International: Hungary

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We deliver a full range of system implementation and support to help our clients reach their business goals. Using innovative technologies, and sales methodologies our expert team is ready to help your company succeed in sales and marketing.

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evoCRM is a Salesforce consultancy based in Budapest and serving Salesforce implementations across the Globe. We provide digital transformation through implementation, change management, strategic consulting, custom configuration, and managed services.

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