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Highlights We’ve designed, built, launched and supported AppExchange applications for global powerhouses like Bloomberg, and for non-profit missionary organizations like Since 2005, when the AppExchange first launched, we’ve been here and done that. Salesforce is an amazing platform, with a rich suite of applications. But every business has needs that aren’t supported “out of the box.” From minor tweaks to major customization, we can make your Salesforce instance precisely meet your business needs. Salesforce is continuously enhancing integration with external and legacy systems. We’ve found that a Salesforce-centric approach to integration really does unite your data in the one platform that best supports your sales, marketing, and support teams. Description Ken Neff founded Better Mousetrap to solve hard problems, in clever ways, on the best cloud platform out there. Ken became a Salesforce customer in 2003, was part of the team that delivered the first AppExchange application in 2005, and formed Better Mousetrap in 2010 to take a different - better, we think - approach to Salesforce consulting.Better Mousetrap is not your typical consulting organization. We won’t ever have a lot of employees. But everyone who works on one of our projects will be the best person for that job. Having been in the Salesforce community for a long time, we know lots of talented people. At Better Mousetrap, we leverage that network to assemble the best possible team for each project. Every person who works on a Better Mousetrap project is someone we know, someone we’ve worked with before. Before they start working on your project, they’ll meet our exacting standards. We won’t just get the job done. We’ll do it as well as we possibly can. We stand behind our work. We’re proud of our work. We’re Better Mousetrap.

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