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Highlights Audit9 specialises in helping organisations develop a clear understanding of the quality and risk associated with their Salesforce implementation through an in-depth, expert 360º Quality Audit. Salesforce Marketing Cloud quality audits also undertaken. Hire a Salesforce Certified Technical Architect on a retained or project basis to support the internal team or provide oversight for an implementation partner led project. A Salesforce Architect can help establish a best-practice Salesforce environment. A robust, fit-for-purpose data integration architecture underpins the successful implementation of Salesforce for many enterprises. Audit9 provides best-practice expertise in relation to integration design, patterns, tools and proven techniques. Description Audit9 provides two types of Quality Assurance engagement:The 360º Architecture Audit provides peace of mind for Salesforce® customers through a comprehensive, expert and independent analysis of key risk areas and adherence to best-practice.The Project Quality Checkpoint covers all aspects of a planned or ongoing Salesforce implementation project with a view to identify risk or inefficiency related to the solution design options or build quality issues related to emerging technical components. Process aspects can also be assessed to identify deviations from best-practice.The composition of each audit will be directed by the focus areas defined by the client, but in most cases covers the integrity of the solution design, appropriate mapping of requirements to platform features, quality of the point-and-click build, technical components and integration architecture. Salesforce Marketing Cloud quality audits are also undertaken.The primary outcome of the audit will be a report of findings, which outlines risk, security/scalability/extensibility/maintainability issues, tactical recommendations and strategic roadmap considerations.

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