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  • Customization: You have already made the investment. We help you gain the most value from it.
  • Integration: Integrate your applications to gain a unified view of your business.
  • App Development: Take advantage of the powerful platform available as part of your license. Description We’re a Salesforce partner helping customers with customization, integrations, and app development. Trust is the foundation on which we build our relationships, and it is our #1 priority.CUSTOMIZATIONWe help you customize your Salesforce instance so you can gain the greatest return on your investment. Whether it’s adapting Salesforce to your unique sales process, automating your workflow so you can focus on higher-value tasks, or creating easy-to-use interfaces to support user adoption, we can help you make Salesforce your own.INTEGRATIONThe Salesforce platform provides robust support for integration with other cloud-based applications. We can help keep your data in sync across systems, create custom user experiences that allow users to simultaneously interact with different applications, and seamlessly connect your applications to give you a unified view of your business.APP DEVELOPMENTWe provide app development services for both internal and external users. Whether you’d like an application to manage your organization’s events or you want to create rich dashboards to sell to your customers, we are your trusted partner in bringing your application needs to life.

  • Amana Labs: Customization, Integration & App Development Services

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