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Ensure your CRM implementation delivers high ROI to your business

Alchemy CRM is a full-service consultancy. We are also a registered App Dev Partner with The company was founded by highly experienced business people, with over 100 years total in industries of all kinds and sizes - from manufacturing to real estate to healthcare to financial services, etc.; and from startups to Fortune 100 companies, who moved into the ecosystem.

Our approach is highly collaborative, and we have a laser focus on 1 key goal: to provide high ROI for our services and to ensure that your implementation itself is delivering high ROI to your business. We focus on 2 key areas to achieve the goal: operational optimization, and real-time actionable business intelligence.

For all types of users in the organization, interfaces must be designed to allow speed and ease of use in common tasks. At all managerial levels, Alchemy CRM works with you to identify the key performance indicators (KPIs) for each particular role, then implements reporting and dashboarding to track exactly what should be tracked to monitor and grow the business.

With Alchemy CRM, high CRM ROI can be a reality for your organization.

We have consultants and developers with experience across the entire product portfolio. While our experience is vast, and we are well capable of taking on engagements in any vertical, our specializations are manufacturing and healthcare.

Our consultants were all business people in various industries before becoming professionals. Because of this, we understand what different kinds of businesses need from the portfolio, and can tailor optimal solutions.

While many of our competitors have chosen to use exclusively, or nearly, offshore “sweatshops” for custom development work, Alchemy has a 50/50 model in this area. One result is that we do have US-based developers to work at customer sites as necessary.

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Certified Administrator

11 x Certified Administrator

Platform Developer 1 Certifications

10 x Platform Developer 1 Certifications

Certified Service Consultant

8 x Certified Service Consultant

App Builder

7 x App Builder

Certified Sales Consultant

7 x Certified Sales Consultant

Certified Advanced Administrator

4 x Certified Advanced Administrator

Field Service Lightning

3 x Field Service Lightning

Marketing Cloud Email Specialist

2 x Marketing Cloud Email Specialist

Marketing Cloud Consultant

2 x Marketing Cloud Consultant

Pardot Specialist

1 x Pardot Specialist

Marketing Cloud Developer

1 x Marketing Cloud Developer

Development Lifecycle and Deployment Specialist

1 x Development Lifecycle and Deployment Specialist

Platform Developer 2 Certifications

1 x Platform Developer 2 Certifications

Community Cloud Consultant

1 x Community Cloud Consultant

Certified System Architect

1 x Certified System Architect

Certified Application Architect

1 x Certified Application Architect

Identity and Access Management Designer

1 x Identity and Access Management Designer

Sharing and Visibility Designer

1 x Sharing and Visibility Designer

Data Architecture and Management Specialist

1 x Data Architecture and Management Specialist

Integration Architecture Specialist

1 x Integration Architecture Specialist

CPQ Specialist

1 x CPQ Specialist

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Languages: English

International: Australia, India, United States

United States: California, Colorado, Missouri, Texas, Vermont

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