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Aethon is an end-to-end consulting company for the platform. We have a great network of partners that we work with to improve our experience, their product and ultimately the value to you, the end-user.

Aethon was founded by businessmen turned programmers, not programmers turned businessmen. We are here to help grow your business through Salesforce. We collaborate with you on issues, metrics, and business processes in order to better understand how your business functions.

We provide administrative support, we will manage your full-scale, end-to-end implementation and we also specialize in the procedural analysis.

When a process is failing, it’s generally because of one of three areas - people, process or technology. We review everything about what happens, who does it, why it has to happen, direct and indirect users of the process or bi-products of the process, and design a solution to fix the pain point.

We’re here to help you with whatever you need. From Salesforce Administrative Services to Solution Design & Development, we’ve got a package that is right for you.

We make administration easy. Where possible we provide quick and easy ways to make changes to what’s been customized without having to re-create the wheel.

We document everything. We’ll hand you a report of the technical components that are custom in your solution, any pre-requisites for the specific process and operating procedures.

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