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Our services include:

  • Strategy: What’s important to your business is often understood differently by your colleagues. We’ll help facilitate sessions governed by a deep understanding of organizational behavior to help you create a shared understanding of your organizations priorities, then turn the shared understanding into an actionable plan.
  • Implementation & Integration: Collaboration, rather than confrontation, produces better, leaner, more useful technology. From project planning & mobilization to designing, building, testing and deploying applications our team will work with you to create intuitive, consumer-grade, delightful end-user experiences. Rapid delivery of value is often misunderstood to mean giving users software to more efficiently do their job in 6-12 months. We’ll deliver value in 2 weeks.
  • Managed Services: No guaranteed monthly commitment. No ‘Platinum’, ‘Gold’ or ‘Silver’ tiers. Pay for the support hours you use. Our people will spend time with you to understand what’s important to your business. The same people will work with you to create something special (800 number not included, just call our cell).

The same teams that work with you work together on every project. They finish one another’s sentences. Why is this important? Our teams deliver features and complete projects 3-4 times faster than the other guys.


  • Mulesoft templates to integrate Salesforce with enterprise applications like SAP & Oracle
  • Manufacturing Industry templates for Salesforce CPQ, Customer & Partner Communities and Field Service Lightning

A partnership with our customers creates an environment in which discovery, questioning, learning, and adjusting during a project is routine, acceptable, and systematic - accommodating changing requirements and generating higher-value outcomes.

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Our qualified team of certified Salesforce professionals specializes in implementing, customizing, and integrating on the Salesforce platform. This includes Community Cloud,Mobile Publisher, Sales Cloud, and Tableau for advanced analytics.

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AppExhange Reviews: 8

AppExhange Rating: 4.9

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Salesforce Consulting, CRM, Process Improvement and Change Mgmt Solutions

FLIPSIDE BMS takes a practical, interactive and analytical approach to develop transformation strategies, roadmaps, and Salesforce cloud technology solutions that drive business value, by leveraging proven practices across several industries.

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Inscale is passionate about Salesforce, and we are equally passionate about the success of your business. Inscale’s will work with you to improve your business processes, become leaner, increase efficiency, and create effective strategies for growth.

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Nubik follows the agile methodology; they help you plan, design, implement, and develop Salesforce cloud solutions and apps for your business. They have more than two decades of experience offering Salesforce consulting services and implementing a wide range of cloud solutions. Using the latest and leading Salesforce technologies, they will streamline your business operations for profitability to generate more ROI.

Client feedback from AppexChange:
“Our working relationship with Nubik is a true partnership. I wish all vendor relationships could be this version of a partnership. The Nubik team has been flexible with us and patient with us. Nubik is knowledgeable on the different Salesforce clouds and works closely with us to recommend solutions and keep us within our ultimate project goals.”

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Experience-Driven. Community-Led. Multi-Cloud.

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