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10K Advisors is a modern Salesforce consultancy built for the new way people work. The “as-a-service” revolution first showed companies a more modern way to build, procure, use and manage software. Now that companies can “rent” the commodity layer of technology and focus instead on the capabilities that differentiate them, they can move faster and focus on customers. While the benefits of on-demand technology and on-demand work are well-documented, those looking to take advantage of this model will face some challenges.

Companies are now armed with powerful cloud platforms, but they often have trouble finding, hiring and retaining the talent they need to make these platforms flourish in their business.

We started 10K Advisors because we saw a role for a new kind of consultancy. A firm that could help companies of all sizes – not just the big ones with lots of money – find the talent they need, when they need it. A firm that could do this while also supporting independent contractors who want to work with great clients while maintaining their freedom and flexibility. Our goal is to give people the freedom to excel at the work they love.

  • Our curated community of 400+ experienced Salesforce experts.
  • Our friction-free approach to getting started and delivering results fast.
  • Our willingness to be honest and prescriptive when others won’t.
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Key clients: Medical Record Associates, Explore Learning

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United States: California, Florida, Indiana, Kentucky, Michigan, New York, Pennsylvania, Texas, Virginia

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